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What is dark web and deep web?

What is dark web and deep web?

Today’s world is marked as the age of the internet. The more rapid the developments on the internet, the more threats are generated in network security as well. As a computer security, the words ‘deep web’ and ‘dark web’ are accessible.

The ‘Deep Web‘, or ‘invisible web’, or ‘hidden web’, refers to all web pages that search engines cannot find. It is, simply, a subset of the Internet that is not indexed by the major search engines. The deep web is that part of the network that contains material, information and web pages that are not indexed in any of the existing search engines such as bing, google, yahoo, etc. Thus, the ‘Deep Web’ includes the ‘Dark Web’, along with all user databases, webmail, registration-required web forums, online banking, and paywalls.

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The hidden world of the Deep Web contains a plethora of data, information, and a wealth of possibilities, including but not limited to the following:

  • The internal sites of significant companies, associations, and trade organizations
  • The school, college, and university intranet systems
  • Access to online databases
  • Password-protected websites with members-only access
  • Paywall enshrouded pages
  • Timed access pages such as those found on online test-taking sites
  • Circumventing paywalls for blocked digital content
  • An individual’s account for social media, email, banking, and more

The ‘Dark Web’ refers to a collection of websites that exist on an encrypted network and cannot be found by using traditional search engines or visited by using traditional browsers. It is a subset of the Deep Web that is not indexed, as well as restricted from accessing it. It is reachable only through additional sub-networks, such as Tor (The Onion Router) and I2P (Invisible Internet Project), and Freenet, etc. Common Dark Web resource types are often associated with the criminal activity of various degrees, including buying and selling drugs, pornography, gambling, media distribution, with emphasis on specialized interests, and exchanges where you can trade information on terrorists etc.

What is dark web and deep web? 2

The data that are purposefully unrevealed and is not attainable through any standard web browsers is termed as Dark Web. Dark Web is mostly used for illegal activities. The content inside Dark Web is usually found using the Tor network. Drugs trading, Arms trading, Illegal Paypal account details and many more things that one cannot even imagine, are available over there. Dark web is termed as hackers’ paradise. One should not visit the dark web ever. Dark Web was invented for the purpose of US NAVY but now it’s used as the black market of the Internet.

What is dark web and deep web? 3

Infamous examples of Dark Web sites include the Silk Road and its offspring. The Silk Road was a website for the buying and selling of recreational drugs. This is an online black market that was shut down twice by the FBI between 2013 and 2014. Silk Road ran its operations on the dark web, which makes up a small percentage of the deep web. But there are also legitimate uses for the Dark Web. Legitimate uses include things like using Tor to anonymize reports of domestic abuse, government oppression, and other crimes that have serious consequences for those calling out the issues.

The Dark Web is much smaller than the Deep Web, and it’s made up of numerous types of sites. But it’s perhaps most popular for its anonymous marketplaces that often sell illegal products like drugs or weapons.

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