Today’s world is marked as the age of the internet. The more rapid the developments on the internet, the more threats are generated in network security as well. As computer security, the words ‘deep web’ and ‘dark web’ are accessible. The ‘ deep web ‘ apply to all web pages that search engines cannot locate. The ‘ invisible internet ‘ or ‘ secret web. ‘ This is simply a part of the Web and does not have a search engine database. The deep network comprises of content, knowledge and web pages which are not indexed in any established search engine including bing, google, yahoo, etc. The deep web, therefore, includes the dark web together with all the user databases, webmail, web forums, online banking and paywalls required for registration of the data.

dark web


The deep web’s hidden world includes a wealth of information, information and various possibilities, including but not limited to:

  • The web pages of major companies, societies and corporate groups
  • Intranet services at college, workplace and business
  • Access to online databases
  • Websites with only members entry that are password-protected
  • Enclosed pages of Paywall
  • Timed pages like those seen on online test sites
  • Circumventing internet restricted web paywalls
  • An individual’s social media account, email, banking, etc.

Dark Web applies to a series of pages that are accessible on an anonymous network and which cannot be seen through standard software or search engines. The Deep Web portion is not indexed and exposure is limited. It is not listed. It is only available via other sub-networks, such as Tor (the Onion router) or I2P, as well as Freenet. Common Dark web services are often related to criminal activities at different levels, such as the purchase and sale of narcotics, prostitution, piracy, the dissemination of newspapers, with a focus on special interests and sharing of knowledge regarding terrorists etc.

dark web

Information that is unrevealed intentionally and cannot be viewed by standard web browsers are called the dark web. Dark Internet is used mainly for illegal purposes. Content is normally found in the Dark Web via the Tor network. There is the drug trade, gun dealing, Criminal Paypal account records and many other things you can’t think about. The dark web is considered the world of hackers. The dark network will never be seen. Dark Net has been developed for the US NAVY, but it has now been used as an underground Internet market.

dark web

The Silk Road and its successors are famous examples of Dark Web domains. The Silk Road was a forum for drug purchase and sale. It is an illegal online market where between 2013 and 2014 was shut down twice by the FBI. Silk Road served on the dark web, a small percentage of the deep web. But also for the Dark Web, there are legitimate uses. Legitimate applications involve items like the use of Tor to anonymize evidence of domestic abuse, persecution by the Police, and other violations that have serious consequences for those who name the problems. The Dark Web is far less than the Deep Web which consisting of a wide range of pages. Nevertheless, it is perhaps the most known for its unregulated markets where illicit items such as drugs and weapons are often traded.

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