CPALead is a private advertisement network of web and mobile PPC advertising that delivers CPA lead to Android & iOS mobile apps, content locks, and websites. CPALead is a website which pays for getting people to do stuff online. CPAlead is for everyone who wants to make money online, it can be a great way to make money if you use the website in the right way. Your revenue depends on your campaigns. You can pick the best deals from the promotions campaigns as an affiliate marketer or publisher.

It’s a commission-based network that only makes money when you make money from CPAlead. CPAlead membership is also free to access a wide range of ready-to-promote niche affiliate products, PPC bids, CPI mobile device bids and the lead generation CPA offers. Like other advertising publisher network, you won’t get paid for any click and impression on CPAlead. You will only get paid when someone takes action on the CPA model. If you want to advertise CPA deals directly or on a website or mobile application, you have the appropriate solution for monetization and lead generation on CPALead.


There are many ways to earn money at CPAlead. CPALead offers both non-incentive & incentive offers. The most common approach is by inserting an interstitial ad, a local advertisement, a banner ad, a pop-up or pop up on your website or WordPress. The ties to partner product niches are also a great way to make money. In return for visitors’ engagement with an ad, the Affiliate niche is a page that provides access to a secret file or links. There are several ways to make CPAlead money, though. Here’s the best known.


Traditional way

The most popular way is the most traditional way that consists of Content Locker, Link Locker, File Locker, Offer Wall, Interstitial Ads, Exit Traffic Tool, Banner Tool etc. Ads will be shown with the top offers available to your visitor’s country and device. When a visitor clicks on an offer, you will earn money, basically around 15 cents per click.

Affiliate niches

You can earn money by sharing links to affiliate product niches. When the visitor interacts with an advertisement of their choice in the affiliate product niche page, the user will gain access to the content. The content will be locked until they fill out a survey, if they fill it out you will earn 30 cents to $3. Over 600 niches are available free for you to share and earn, with no website required. If you don’t have a website or mobile app, you can use CPA affiliate products or promote the lead generation offers directly.


Users have to insert their phone numbers to access the page, you will earn $3 to $10 for every person.


To access the page, the people to whom you send your link must sign up for a trial of a specific product.


The CPA leading members use surveys much for the promotion. When someone clicks on the niche page the site is closed before a survey is done, so if you complete the survey, you ‘re going to earn 30 cents to $3. You can scan and select several niches on your dashboard, and surveys work very well for affiliates and advertisers.


For accessing the website, you are promoted, users whom you send your link must buy something.

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