Have you ever questioned or wondered how to make money with Google AdSense? With Google AdSense, there are numerous opportunities to make money. Google AdSense is an advertising platform that lets you run ads on your website, blog or YouTubes and pay for them while your customer visits them, or click on ads on your content or your website. You have to do some preliminary work to start making money with AdSense. Nihosi.com will advise you how to assess, achieve and accurately register AdSense.
AdSense is certainly one of the preferred sites for making money. Google AdSense is an online advertisement platform, which permits content creators (bloggers, YouTuber etc.) to generate revenues simply and conveniently by putting ads in their content
It is an advertising system that allows companies to place their relevant and personalized ads on web pages, blogs or YouTube videos so that users see those ads, to buy those products or services. Google rewards bloggers or website owners based on the clicks on content
Google AdSense has thousands of satisfied customers because google always pays on time. The opportunity for great profits, if you work right, is another reason for preferring Google AdSense. Numerous bloggers survive on their AdSense and websites.
Without referencing Google AdWords, you can’t talk about AdSense. AdWords is the portal where marketers put advertisements and AdSense offers ads among users registered with AdSense. As a blogger or content creator, you will be interested in AdSense in the first place because you are the one who publishes those ads and who will receive income from it.

Why should you use Google AdSense?

It’s one of the easiest places to generate revenue 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on our website. One feature of AdSense is that it typically displays ads on subjects that are of concern to consumers in contrast to other advertisement channels.
If you want to have a source of passive income and make your work profitable with the blog, this is a very interesting option. You just have to create your website, get visits through the content, then add the ads and that’s it.
Additional benefits are as follows:
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Help and tutorials for customization and improvements.
  • Instant implementation of ads. Very comprehensive and easy to understand reports.
  • Opportunity to optimize settings and achieve better results.
  • Trust in the platform that you are going to be paid, very reliable.
Google AdSense

Bid Types

AdSense works like an auction system. Advertisers compete with each other for ad space, the more competition there is, the more prices go up for advertisers and the more revenue for content authors. Therefore, income varies greatly depending on what niche your blog is in.

If you’re curious, you can see more info from here

Making money on Google AdSense relies on three major factors:

CPC (Cost Per Click)

This is the revenue model used by AdSense and where you get paid if your ads on a website are clicked by the visitor. As a publisher, you don’t have any control over the amount of money that you will receive with each click on the advertisement. The price depends on the niche competition and will differ over time. However, you can use multiple strategies to draw the best possible ads to your website.

CTR(Click Through Rate)

If you want to make money then CTR is important on Google AdSense. Although CPC decides how much you earn, you will not have much influence over the factors that will decide the cost of advertising on your website. . Your CTR, therefore, relies heavily on variables to maximize the performance and quality of your advertising.

RMP (Earnings per thousand)

The above measurements will allow you to understand your income in 1,000 impressions. To measure the RPM, the estimated earnings need to be divided into impressions and the quotient multiplied by 1,000. Measurement of your potential income through RPM shows the wider image CPC and CTR cannot achieve. The RPM shows basically how much money each visitor makes.

How to register your account with Google Adsense?

You can view text and visual advertisements on your website with Google AdSense. The software offers you revenue by page views and ad clicks. A Google AdSense account can be activated quickly, but there will be some steps to enable and to get your money. When the activation is done with Google AdSense, you can connect to a bank account and collect your funds automatically.

Start by visiting the AdSense website right here.

Google AdSense
You must have a complete website that Google can visit and accept before receiving the ads on your website. On the same page, press “Sign in” and you will be led to a page where you’ll have to sign in to your Gmail account. After entering your email address and password, press the Next” button.
Then you will be led to the following tab, as seen at the screenshot, which provides you with the following message. For your AdSense account, click on “sign up.”
Google AdSense
Now all your information, including your website and your email address, must be entered on the form. You may also choose personalized AdSense assist and performance tips.
Google AdSense
The Next page provides you with guidance to connect your website to AdSense. AdSense gives you a snippet of code which you will need to include in the

portion on your web. You will also be given detailed guidance while you have a WordPress account. Click the send button after you paste the code on your site.
Your website is now ready for review by Google AdSense Team. Make sure you keep the code snippet live on your website until AdSense Team replies. It can take a couple of days or up to two weeks to get back to you with the AdSense team.

Reasons why google may have rejected your site

Any Google AdSense forum has a common question: why was my AdSense application rejected? This could happen (listed below) for a variety of reasons. However, the first move in Google approving is to prepare very carefully if you have not already submitted your request for AdSense and then do your homework.
Not adequate content or improper content, not sufficient text for review on the website. Before registering for Adsense, Google pays special attention to the website content. If there are several mistakes on the website, your site you will not register with Google Adsence. In addition to the avoidance of grammatical mistakes, the content must be exclusive and appreciated by visitors to your website.
Design of poor website. What would you do if you found a platform with a bright yellow, flat, and several buttons spread across this page? What would you do? You’ll quit it right away. It will be hard for such a website to get a lot of visitors and won’t get AdSense approval.
Before you start the registration process for AdSense, Privacy Policy, About Us page and Contact Us pages should be visible on your website. The absence of a website with a privacy policy description, site description (“About us and contact details lead to the disapproval for the Adsence Account.
The site does not comply with Google guidelines. Lack of unique semantic content, traffic, bad usability of the website. They often oppose the registration of websites for AdSense account that collects content from illicit networks, websites with too many keywords, or with a poor quality coded website.

Google Adsense site requirements

You must ensure that the website is appropriate for monetization and fulfils the minimum criteria to work with Google Adsense services. Before applying, Google recommends that you thoroughly evaluate the quality of your content and the ease of navigation. The texts on the website should draw users’ attention and be easy to perceive, and interaction with the interface should be as simple and comfortable as possible. The system would otherwise impose fines on the resource or remove it from the program entirely.

Content and quality of posted content

  • There is a certain range of Google AdSense specifications for the content that you post on your website. The list is very interesting, but before submitting, you need to familiarize yourself with it.
  • You can’t make money by displaying advertising while you’re using:
  • Material for adults – pornography and/or sexual materials.
  • Dangerous and/or insulting content — propaganda of aggression, suicide calls, inequality by race, ethnicity, religion etc.
  • Material encouraging drug, cannabis and alcohol use – publicity on illicit drugs, alcohol and nicotine, thematic debate.
  • The material of Gambling – internet betting registration, casino and bookmaker commercials, scratches and batch tickets.
  • Health and pharmaceutical material — prescribed medications for sale, forbidden health supplements and nutritional supplements. The exception is the offer of medications available in non-prescription clinics, as well as prescription medicines and supplements that are posted to educate and warn customers.
  • Materials that facilitate hacking and ransomware spread – guidance on deploying hacking systems devices, virus promotional programmes, and so on.
  • Content misleading consumers – contradicting or intentionally misleading information about people and/or companies.
  • Shock content: documents that display terrorist acts, images of crime scenes, injuries, etc.
  • Content related to weapons – firearms and bladed gun publicity, purchasing requests, tips on making explosive equipment yourself, the propaganda of health damage.
  • Unauthorized content – images, videos and text material which violate US law.
  • Materials that advocate for unfair practices – promotion of false paper production, sales of term paper and promotion of illegal operation.
Google AdSense not only care about the type of content but also they care about the quality of content. Users may be involved in the content on pages where ads are shown. You must post original material which does not infringe copyright. Texts from other sources that are copied and pasted will result in an account blocking in the service.

Ease of navigation

A comfortable menu is an important criterion for any websites planned to connect to Google Adsense. Users must find answers to their questions quickly and contact every element of the interface. You can check helpful tips and tricks about website design and experience guidelines here

Google Adsense fines on unacceptable/ inappropriate content.

If a website linked to the Google AdSense program continues to publish inappropriate content, a warning note will be sent to the webmaster. They can be seen on the application account and forwarded to the inbox during registration. They are also sent. Ignoring service recommendations may result in a restriction on the display of ads or full blocking of the account.

See Google Adsense Support Center for more detail on infringements and penalties.


Google AdSense is a free service provided by Google for the monetization of online content by distributors. Google AdSense can be used by anyone with a blog, website, YouTube channel or some other digital property Google AdSense allows you to run ads on your website, blog or videos and pay you When visitors click on such advertising. You don’t have to think about anything if you already have a website and want to use Google Adsense, configure Google AdSense account, which requires a specific Google Adsense code on the website. To get this thing going, there is no maintenance or support. Google will take care of everything.