Without a doubt, vogue has always been the most desired thing. These days, people want to wear trendy clothes to impress others. Obviously, fashion is a pretty changeable notion. Thus, a lot of girls and boys do everything and anything to stay in vogue. It may sound weird but it is really not so bad today. As you may know, fashion used to harm people. What is more, a lot of mods knew it and continued impairing their health. Can you remember the history of toxic makeup? It has become a regular thing in 16th century. Queen Elizabeth I covered her scars with the help of lead makeup. It became a trendy thing soon, so a lot of fashion-mongers whitened their skin using Venetian ceruse – the mixture of vinegar and lead. What is more, arsenic used in 19th century to cover various facial marks. Although it was already known as a poison, women were ready to spend a mint of money. There are a lot of such colorful examples of a voluntary selfharm for fashion reasons. Still, today you do not need to make the sacrifices to be in trend. Seeing that, we decided to create this article for you. To make a long story short, this post will show you 10+ visually pleasing business ideas for 2018.

Honestly speaking, now having a business means having a website, as it is the best way to showcase your deal. What is more, living in the age of virtual reality and online shopping, you can’t deny that a worthy online project became a real calling card for a businessman. What is the first thing a customer will do thinking about your deal? Needless to say, a client will open their browsers and google your company’s name. Thus, you have to make sure that your site is qualitative and beautiful enough to attract new customers. Actually, website building is not a luxury in 2018. You do not need to waste money on the services of professional developers or designers. You can do it by yourself! To say more, the process will not beat your brain out. How is it possible? Just 2 words you should know: ready-made templates.

So, today website creation is an undeniable must-have for a classy company. Therefore, there are a lot of templates developers. Given these points, we have prepared a fresh selection of top 10 business themes for you. Why may it be interesting for you? At the outset, all these ready-to-use products are highly responsive. They are feature-rich and intuitive. Also, all the examples below are attention-grabbing and fashionable. Moreover you could find such interesting themes as WordPress themes for painting contractors. Furthermore, these remarkable business themes feature SEO Integration. It means that all the popular search systems will index your online project rapidly. Soon it will result in audience growth and better traffic flow.

By the way, there is a free and friendly technical support, so don’t be afraid if you know nothing about website building. Hey, don’t stop reading! We have prepared a small selection of top business WordPress themes for you. Thanks to this post you will see a lot of business ideas that will look ace in 2018. Are you ready? Let’s see how you can improve the look of your online project!

InTime – Visually Pleasing Event Planner WordPress Theme

Being an internet user, you may have noticed that Testimonials are one of the most popular features, so this hi-res WordPress theme offers you to use it. To make a long story short, the feature allows you to enrich the site with the beautiful quotes and inspiring reviews.

Event Planner WP Theme

Details | Demo

Neobeat – Gorgeous Night Club WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, now eCommerce is the most advantageous business strategy, which means that you do need it for your website. For these simple reasons, Neobeat is an extremely Ecwid-ready, so you can get an online store in minutes. What is more, don’t forget that a professionally designed Countdown Timer is a magnificent way to emphasize an offer or a product.

EDM Night Club WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Jordan Turner – Top-grade Life Coaching WordPress Theme

According to the statistics, you have only a minute or less to grab the visitor’s attention, so remember about content hierarchy. To say more, minimalism is another thing that is always in vogue, so we have prepared for you this top-grade WordPress theme. Needless to say, thanks to a minimalist interface your business website will look clean, so you will be able to highlight the most important information effortlessly with WordPress themes for information websites.

Jordan Turner - Life Coaching WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Adverting – Incredible Digital Advertising Agency WordPress Theme

Unquestionably, contrast is a wise way to emphasize the needed information like contacts, list of services, number of sales, etc. Thus, opening your online project, a potential customer will notice all these things at the drop of a hat. Given these points, we recommend you to view out the details of Adverting because this incredible business template has a top-level design and a professional color palette to help one to get contrast.

Digital Advertising Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Design – Fairy Website Design WordPress Template

At the outset, the next business idea for 2018 is huge, bold typography, which you can see in the demo version of this fairy WordPress theme. Needless to say, using big web fonts, you can both automatically catch visitors’ attention and make all your posts eye-friendly and readable. What is more, such action will also help you to make clever use of white space, so don’t hesitate to try this cute trend for your website.

Website Design WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Spello – Modern Language WordPress Theme

Well, it is not a secret that mobiles make a huge part of our lives, so people got used to use smartphones during the day. Without a doubt, mobile-friendly website is a real must-have for everyone, who wants to develop their deal. Thanks to this cool feature you let people visit the site whenever they want, so there will be no limits on location, time, etc.

Language School WP Theme

Details |  Demo

Master Chef – Yummy Cooking School WordPress Theme

Being an owner of café, restaurant, and other establishments, you may want to save your time and the time of your co-workers. That is why we offer you to add a stylish Appointment Manager to the design of your business website. As a result, your future guests will be able to book an appointment directly on your website, so you will organize the schedule easily thanks to this small business idea.

Cooking School WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Zoomba – Top-notch and Hip Sports WordPress Theme

To continue, timetable is another business idea that helps to save time, so we suggest you create the online schedules for a single or multiple events. Basically, now you can do it with no coding skills using this hip WordPress theme with a built-in Timetable plugin. As a result, you will quickly customize the look of every event, so don’t hesitate to showcase the upcoming occasions with all their details in a carefully crafted timetable.

Sports WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Unisco – Eye-catching Education, School, College & University WordPress Theme

Have you ever heard about the importance of call-to-action buttons? Originally, it is an eye-catching button which you place on the home page, if you want a user to perform a certain action. Without a doubt, these simple elements do work and that is why they are so popular. Thus, don’t miss this business idea for your online project and enrich it with the attractive call-to-action buttons right now! By the way, don’t forget to open Unisco’s demo to see how these buttons work in action.

Unisco - Education, School, College & University WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

TopMiner – Stunning Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

To end with 100 % responsive design is the feature that every successful online project needs! In a word, it means that your website will always look great no matter which gadget a visitor prefers to use. What is more, all the design elements (like images, texts, icons, buttons, etc.) will be rendered mechanically to create an unforgettable appearance for your business online project.

TopMiner - Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

To finish with, there are a lot of business ideas that we didn’t mention. For example:

  • Circle counters that will help you to present the information in an advantageous way;
  • Bar counters and number counters;
  • Mobile-first design that is a wonderful feature to attract new shoppers as soon as possible;
  • Parallax effect, which allows you to guide the guests through your content in an entertaining way;
  • Lazy Load effect to enrich your gallery and make the website load faster;
  • Blurbs to make a pleasant look for your content;
  • Post carousels to introduce your goods or services;
  • Back-to-Top Menu, which makes your online project more customer-friendly.

To sum everything up, there are multiple ready-made design elements and features that you can use to improve your website. Without a doubt, comfort is the first part of success. Thus, we recommend you to make sure that your site has the readable fonts, user-friendly navigation, lightning-fast speed, and quick filters. Still, don’t forget about beauty! All these business ideas will look amazing, so don’t hesitate to find something special for you.

P.S. Talking about the comfortable filters, you can go to TM’s gallery to see more WordPress themes. All of them come with the impressing packages of options. Thus, you will be able to view out each and every of the named business ideas and even more.