A web browser is a software application program that provides the easy interface with all the information on the World Wide Web or in other word, a browser is software used for internet access. You can visit and perform activities like connecting, viewing multimedia, linking from one web page to another, printing, dispatch and receiving e-mails, and many other activities. Right browsers provide security, user-friendliness, quick connection, improved speed etc.
Web browser
Probably the most important tool you have on your PC is the browser. Microsoft’s Edge, Google’s Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, Brave, TOR and Opera are the most common browsing software titles in the market. Please note that in their own way, all these web browsers are unique and splendid. Some of the best browsers are listed below:

‘Brave’ is a safe, quick, and stable web browser for Windows, Mac, Linux and ios. This is a free open source software with an incorporated ad-blocker and various features. The software is available on all Android , iOS and Linux platforms.

Download Web Browser: Brave Browser

Mozilla Firefox

One of the most used web browsers, it is a reliable web browser with a quality rendering engine. It features a cleaner interface and faster download speed that supports users with the all-around performance. It is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, and with Android and iOS cell phones and tablets. The free and open source web browser Mozilla Firefox or simply Firefox is built by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation.

Download Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a Google-developed cross-platform web browser. This is the dominant software application with outstanding qualities like speed, security, simplicity, easy to use, and standardized compliance. It provides many extensions and settings which make it easy for the users for its efficient utilization. Google Chrome is a fast, dependable and powerful web browser that is easily the best choice for mobile devices.

Download Web Browser: Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s web browser. Microsoft Introduce the new Microsoft Edge which is the newest version of Microsoft edge structured on the Chromium open-source project. Although Edge and Chrome under the hood are now very similar, they are still very different. Edge removes services from Google and, in many cases, replaces them with services from Microsoft. Edge has an integrated tracking prevention feature and a PUP blocker. Microsoft Edge is safe, faster and designed for windows 10 and mobiles.

Download Web Browser: Microsoft Edge

Tor Browser

Tor is open source and free program for online anonymity. The Tor Browser is that kind of browser which protect your online identity using Tor network by anonymizing your web traffic. It is undoubtedly the best way to surf the Internet because of online privacy protection tools that help users to hide their identity. It allows users to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy. Software developers can use it as a building block to create new communication tools with built-in privacy features. Its services let users publish web sites and other services as well.

Download Web Browser: Tor Browser


Opera is a freeware web browser for operating systems built by Opera software for Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux. Opera is a free, Web browser that millions of people around the world use with embedded ad blockers, free VPNs, switching apps, instant media, power savers, and much more. With services like clean user interface, faster-browsing speed, built-in ad blocker, battery saver, free VPN and Opera Turbo feature, Opera is all in one package for the users. It reduces the amount of data transferred, frees traffic and clears potential privacy violation.

Download Web Browser: Opera


Vivaldi is a highly customizable browser. Build your browser with unique docking and tab-stacking. This is a relatively new, refreshing and creative version of web browsing, that has exciting features. It can be integrated with the Philips Hue smart lights system, can adapt its color scheme to the sites you’re using, has built-in note-taking system and you can have your interface as you wish. It seeks to provide a pleasant and personal experience.

Download Web Browser: Vivaldi