Brave Browser is a free open source internet browser structured on the Chromium internet browser by Brave Software, Inc. The software removes advertising and domain trackers. Brave Browser is a famous program among clients who esteem their security and protection. This software is available across all of the Android, iOS platforms and Linux. Brave is working on a rewards system that any site owner or YouTube developer or any content creator can use to obtain a BAT token. This BAT token will later be exchanged for bitcoin or fiat dollars.

The most important thing, namely that the Brave browser is completely based on Chromium and has a completely familiar interface for settings and main menu items. The main feature of the browser is complete adblocking. However, if desired, the user can enable the setting, in which the browser will unobtrusively recommend its advertising, based on the interests of the user. The advertisement will pop up in the lower right corner in the form of a small elongated plate. The user can decide whether to click on it. If a user clicks on an ad and views it, the browser rewards the user with a Bat token, which can be sold on an exchange or donated to a content creator.

What exactly is the Brave Browser?

Brave‘ is a web browser for Windows, Mac, Linux and ios that is free, quick and secure. It is a free open source browser with a built-in adblocker and various special features. Brendan Eich-the same developer who created the programming language JavaScript back in 1995 and co-founder of Mozilla & Firefox created Brave Browser. “Brave” removes all third-party trackers immediately. It also eliminates cookies from third parties, prevents scripts and has a secure HTTPS protocol anywhere you search. It was originally set up as an ad-free platform and includes an advanced advert blocking and anti-tracking technologies.

brave browser
In the reward settings, you can set the frequency of ad impressions per hour from one to five. View the history of the ads shown to you and evaluate it or disable ads completely. It is the only browser that has implemented a system of “rewards” for useful user actions.
Since the browser blocks ads, it is ahead of all competitors in page loading speed and is the fastest browser at the moment. On the main page of the browser, you can see statistics with information about the total number of ads that have been blocked, as well as the time saved by refusing to view them.
The Brave ecosystem has the ability to share tokens and reward content creators. For example, you can support the author of a Twitter or YouTube channel. The developers are planning to create an Internet linking sites to a system of encouraging authors who post content on them, as well as resource visitors. The goal of the browser is to want to create an environment in which everyone wins – both the creator and the consumer of the content.
Another convenient function of the browser is the presence of a private Tor window, thanks to which it will be possible to access sites like Facebook. Telegram, Google etc that are blocked in a particular country with one click. This eliminates the need to open the application and turn on the VPN or install third-party plugins.
The main browser tab has a beautiful design and is represented by constantly changing wallpapers in the form of professional photographs with the indication of their authors. You can also set information about the number of blocked ads and the time that was saved by refusing to view it.
The mobile version of the browser is present on both the App Store and Google Play. They also have the ability to receive rewards and open a private Tor window, which greatly saves time by not having to constantly turn on the VPN. You just need to open a new tab. Moreover, there is a separate item in the settings, thanks to which you can synchronize browsers on different devices and transfer history and other saves. The whole process goes through two-factor authentication, so you don’t have to worry about your data.

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

“BAT” stands for Basic Attention Token. it is a revolutionary digital advertising token which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The BAT token aims to build a marketplace for ad exchange which connects advertisers, publishers and users in a decentralized manner.

How do you make money from Brave?

Brave Browser offers several ways for users and creators of content to make money. By surfing the web you can earn tokens or sign up to become a verified creator of content. The referral program is another way to receive a token.

Earn BAT by viewing privacy-respecting ads

You can download the Brave browser, enable ‘Brave Ads’ and start earning BAT for ads and web surfing
  • Download Brave browser and install on your system
  • Enable “Brave Rewards” during the setup
  • You need an Uphold account to withdraw and to access funds. Create an Uphold account

Earn BAT with Brave Publisher Program or Affiliate Program

Brave offers Publisher Program that enables you to gain more from your content on the web. You need your website or your YouTube channel to register for this program and you can add more channels such as Twitch Channel, Vimeo Channel, Twitter, Reddit and GitHub. Sign up to collect your contributions as a verified content creator. Then Brave will send you the BAT (Basic attention tokens) every month if people are using Brave Browser to browse your website or watch your videos or other Channel.

Note: As of November 24, 2020, the referral service has now terminated.

  • Download Brave browser and install on your system
  • Register and create your account on Brave Publisher Program
  • You need an Uphold account to withdraw and to access funds. Create an Uphold account
Brave is open source and free. To use it, you don’t have to pay any fee. Start, and you will be rewarded with BAT (Basic attention tokens). Without annoying advertising, browsing the Web is easier, securer.

Benefits of using Brave Browser:

Bat token and Brave browser
  • Brave Browser protects your privacy and respects it. The user’s browsing data is kept completely private and the browser is ad-free. You could browse the web with Tor even more privately.
  • Brave Browser Is Fast: It helps to improve page loading times blocking all advertisements, pop-ups and videos ads.
  • Brave Browser Values Your Attention Time:You decide if you want to see an advertisement from time to time. In BAT tokens, Brave Browser pays you to watch ads.
  • Completely free: It is safe to use for everyone and it is free.
  • Support the Content Creators: Earn BAT with Brave Publisher Program
  • Save Money: You don’t need to buy any ad-blocker also You can reduce your mobile data uses.
  • Advertisers: Platform for Advertiser to grow business