We all surf the internet daily. We use the internet for a variety of information and communication facilities. We regularly visit those websites which are known to us or popular. Sometimes we come across some fantastic website which offers us something that we might like and bookmark them or let other people know about those websites. But such websites are rare to come by. Here is some list of Amazing Website that You Never Know Exist. These are the most amazing websites for any Internet users.
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amazing website
Whenever you are using your computer or surfing the internet, you might use many files or maybe you download any file from the internet. There might be some suspicious file that your friend sends you. With this, you can check whether your file contains any virus or not. Virustotal is a free online virus scanner. It is an online tool for monitoring files and URLs for tracking the usage of antivirus engines, website scanner malware, worms, trojans, and some other harmful material.
Mathway is a website on the internet where you can solve any kind of math problem. Using this website can solve the solution of basic math, pre-algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, statistics, finite math, linear algebra, chemistry and graphing. It’s like an online calculator. Mathway gives free solutions to the issues. Unless you wish to obtain step by step solution and clarifications, then you will need to upgrade your Mateway subscription step by step ($9.99 per month or $39.99 / year)

Without exposing your name, you may want to send an address to someone. Or you might like to apply to a website or online service, but fear that the company will, in turn, give you spam. ThrowAwayMail.com is a temporary, disposable and throwaway e-mail address provider that is openly available. A new email address is created only for you when you visit ThrowAwayMail.com. The email address you created can be submitted right away to receive the email. Each email got appears on the home tab. After 48 hours, the email address will expire. Once an e-mail is expired the e-mail and any e-mails received will be deleted. You can find many temporary Email providers on the internet. some of them are guerrillamail, emailondeck, 10minutemail, 10minemail etc.

Live hacking attacks

Each day, thousands of websites get compromised because of insecure software, extensions and application malfunctions. If you want to see live hacking attacks. These websites allow you to see real-time global cyber-attacks taking place all over the world. You can also see attacker address, attack type, port and lots of other information. some of the website where you can see live hacking attacks are kaspersky, Checkpoint, Threatbutt, Bitdefender, fireeye, fortiguard, Digitalattackmap, Lookingglasscyber, Talosintelligence, Netscout etc.

Every minute of your life you can learn something new with this website. This extremely awesome platform reveals every minute an interesting fact. This website can be very useful for those people who are seeking knowledge and facts especially student, teacher, researchers could get more from this site.

my90stv is the platform, which pulls all the best YouTube shows and collects them in one location with different categories such as Cartoons, Comedy, Commercials, Drama, Gameshows, Kids, Movies, Music, News, Soaps, Specials, Sports, Talk shows, Trailers and Other. The setup of the website looks like TVs from 19th. Check My 80s TV! and My 70s TV!

Whenever you are using the internet, sometimes many websites down or not open in your computer. With the help of this website now check whether that website is down or it’s just for you.
Stamen is a design and development company in San Francisco which focuses on data processing and mapping. Stamen utilizes OpenStreetMap data extensively for many of its map views and its developers have been focusing on other important tools and A variety of relevant OpenStreetMap software. Three OpenStreetMap models and tile servers were provided by Stamen: Toner, Terrain and Watercolor. The tile servers are open to access, although limits on usage for heavy users.
In the project dotspotting high-contrast maps B+W (black and white) are shown. They are suitable for visiting the river meanders and coastal regions and data mashups. Six forms of varieties available: toner standard, hybrid, label, background, and lite.
These maps demonstrate sophisticated advanced labelling of dual-carriageway roads and generalization of linework which includes contrasting hills and natural vegetation colours. The terrain has been created with the cooperation of Gem Spear and Nelson Minar. Four varieties available: regular field, stickers, lines and history.
The Bicycle Portraits project had inspired Watercolor. Watercolour maps apply raster effect surface washings and edges to give a warm pop to each screen. You can create a watercolour map using this project.
It can sometimes be a good thing to upgrade to a newer version. For other times, the machine might not support the latest update, the new version may be disabled, or all alternatives are no longer accessible. OldVersion.com is a web-based repository that saves and distributes older freeware and shareware software.
Wikibooks is a wiki-based project hosted with the aid of the Wikimedia Foundation to create free content material e-books and textbooks which can be edited by anybody. Wikibooks was released in 2003 as a wikimedia initiative. The project involves writing open textbooks in collaboration. Wikibooks is for lectures, information, instructions and guides. Such resources may be used as part of a wikipedia course in a typical classroom, in an approved or recognized organization or in-home education or self-apprenticeship course.
HyperHistory website has some fascinating resources for people who want to know what past incidents have taken place during the ancestor’s lives. You can find 3000 years of world history including more than 2000 maps, charts and papers document.
Gutenberg.org is the website where you can find more than 60,000 free downloadable eBooks. The eBooks of Kindle and epub on gutenberg.org are accessible for purchase, print or read online. you’ll discover the finest literature. This is a collaborative initiative to digitize and preserve literary works, and the majority of the publication’s books are freely accessible. You don’t need any special application for eBooks. You can read an eBook with normal Web browsers or eBook readers from computers and mobile devices.
CloudConvert is another website on the internet where are you can convert any files online. Almost any audio, text, ebook, archive, photograph, video, document, spreadsheet or presentation is supported. Up to 25 conversions per day, you can use cloudconvert.com free.
The DeepL is free online machine translator which is an alternative to Google Translator. The DeepL Translator service was released in August 2017. The languages currently endorsed by DeepL are English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.
People have used rain sounds from the beginning to help them fall asleep. This is because we all love the sound of rain as it helps us to relax and fall asleep more quickly. We all love the rain sound because it helps us to relax and fall asleep more quickly. rainymood.com is another unique website where you can listen to thunderstorms and raining sound online.

What Happened In My Birthyear

Ever wonder how the world was before your birth? Or what breakthrough discoveries or events occurred in your birth year? If you want to what happened on the day you were born or on that year These are the website that can help you to find out more. What happened in my birthyear, On this day com, Day of birth, kakophone, Dmarie etc.

This is another website on the internet. PrivacyTools.io is a free platform (WTFPL) helping the world to discover privacy tools. You can find software, tools and knowledge to secure your privacy from global foreign surveillance.
This is another website on the internet where you can create a new fake identity which you could not use for illegal activity of any kind. Most blogs and discussion boards are not well built, participants or visitor find it challenging to login to account and to provide sensitive information while filling out applications. You can easily complete the registration form and sign in to the website with false details generated by fakenamegenerator.com.
Gnoosic is a website on the internet that helps you find new music. Select only three of your favourite artists and Gnoosic suggests related musicians. gnoosic.com will recommend you music which is focused on three specified “favourite bands”. And by clicking on “I like,” “I don’t like it” or “I don’t know” you can give them feedback. The suggestion is well balanced, widely recommended and include obscure bands as well.
Scribble Maps is a free tool for electronic mapping without registration. Scribble maps have functionality such as placemarks, image add-ons and several drawing tools. The basic service is completely free and enables personalized maps, widgets and images. You can share or publish your custom maps on your site/blog with friends. If you want more profession features then you can subscribe Scribble Maps Pro. It contains advanced tools, formats and security options for editing and so on. You will get more control over your map data from Scribble Maps Pro.
Technology makes things simpler in life, so it turns out that pranking is one of them. If you want to prank your friends or family with Ridiculously awesome computer prank then this website could be best for you. Prank your mates by launching this website remotely on their device when they are away. Wait until they come back and watch their response.


More than 1.5 billion websites are currently available on the world wide web. eCommerce Website, Business Website, Entertainment Website, Portfolio Website, Media Website, Brochure Website, Nonprofit Website, Educational Website etc. are some kind of website that you can find on the internet. You can choose and communicate with people using the website according to your passion and interest. There are no boundaries to what you can do and search on the internet. There is some other interesting website, here is some other list of interesting websites.

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