What exactly is the time? All of the unknown things, time is the most unknown things. This is what we are thinking all the time. It seems the ticking of the clock, the turning of the pages of a calendar. Time presents to us in many different ways. We can measure the time; we keep the time and we do all our activities within the time but sometimes we procrastinate doing something. Putting off to do something is keeping time for next time. Our daily lives are completely wrapped around the time.
Time is intuitive, but it is difficult to describe and comprehend. For thousands of years, many scientist and philosophers have struggled a lot to understand the phenomenon of time. There are various meanings of time for science, philosophy, theology and the Arts, but the measurement system is generally consistent. Time is a way to label and order events in the universe. it’s a way to measure the distance between two events also time is a medium we move through that allows us to see that change has happened. It gives the concept of past and future. This is important because, it’s the only one that requires us to have an arrow of time, a direction it moves in and never changes. the future cannot come before the present.
Time is not moving at the same rate for everyone and everything. its relatives to the speed you are moving and by gravity. The faster you are moving, the slower you experience time compared to someone who is not moving. This is part of Einstein’s theory of relativity. you can see relativity in action every day.
Einstein developed the idea of time slowing by motion and gravity. Einstein also proved that massive masses curve space and the mass increases by force application with acceleration. Einstein’s findings offer the requisite hints to solve the riddles of time. The stronger the gravity the slower time passes. so, if you were stood on a planet with several hundred times the mass of earth for just one hour, a whole year will have passes back here on earth.
Travelling to the future is possible, all you need to do is keep travelling close to the speed of light and life on earth will race by much quicker than your personal experience of time. travelling close to light speed is no easy task though, it would require an enormous amount of energy. Travelling to the past is a little trickier and we’d almost certainly need some sort of wormhole to achieve it. but it’s at least theoretically possible, having a wormhole to the past would not defy the law of physics, even if it does lead to the potential for paradoxes.