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AskMen for men’s lifestyle, Become a Better Man..

AskMen for men’s lifestyle, Become a Better Man..

AskMen is the largest online men’s lifestyle website. It helps men to improve their lives from discovering new products and trends. As the name suggests, in this site, men can ask whatever and get advice on dating, fitness, sports, grooming, style and more. They can also discover their interest in news, charter, recess, entertainment, and others. With international versions in Australia, Canada, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, and the United States, it has become the number 1 web portal. It is own by Ziff Davis and operates through the IGN Entertainment unit.
If you want to become a better man and discover yourself then you have come to the right platform. Try out and join AskMen today!

How to sign up:

AskMen for men’s lifestyle, Become a Better Man.. 1

1. Open any web browser and go to
2. Once the home page loads, click “sign up or log in” at the top right hand side.
3. Once you click it, you will be able to see three ways of signing up for new account.
4. If you want to create Askmen account through Facebook, then click “sign up with Facebook” in dark blue color. Provide your login details and click ‘log in’. by doing so, AskMen will automatically set your profile based on the Facebook information.
5. Similarly, if you want to create AskMen account through Twitter, then click “sign up with twitter” in light blue color. provide your login details and click ‘sign in’. by doing so, all your twitter information will be shared by AskMen to create your account.
6. Likewise, if you want to create your account through your email, then click “sign up with your email” in light green color.

AskMen for men’s lifestyle, Become a Better Man.. 2
• In 1st step, pick a username for your profile.
• In 2nd step, choose a password. Make sure it is strong and lengthy.
• In 3rd step, enter your email address.
• Click on the “I’m not a robot” box.
• Then, click ‘Next’ in orange color below.
• Customize your experience by clicking on the given items as your likes.
• If you want to subscribe newsletter and other based on your interests, click the blank boxes.
• At last, click “Done” in orange color.
Now, you have successfully created your account based on your interests.

How to sign in:

1. Open the web browser and go to
2. Once the page loads, click “sign in or log in” at top right corner.
3. A login box will appear.
4. Enter your username or email id and password.
5. Click “log in” in orange color.
6. You can also login your account through Facebook and Twitter. For this, click “login with Facebook” in dark blue color or “login with Twitter” in light blue color.
7. Provide your login details. Either Facebook details or Twitter details.
8. Then, click ‘sign in’ or ‘log in’.
9. Once the page loads, be sure that you have logged in to your account successfully.
Sometimes, if you encounter trouble while logging in, try resetting your account password. For this,

AskMen for men’s lifestyle, Become a Better Man.. 3
1. Once the login page appears, click “I forgot my username or password” option below log in option.
2. Provide your email address or username in the blank box.
3. Click ‘email me instructions’ in orange color.
4. Then, check your email for the instructions to reset your password.

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