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Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar

A famous Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar. He is known as El Doctor, Don Pablo and The Tzar of the Drugs. He was born on 1st December 1949 AD in Rionegro. He studies in the University of Antioquia. Pablo Emillio Escobar was known as the ‘King of Coke’ was a notorious Colombian Drug Lord. He was considered the most flagrant, influential and wealthiest criminal in the history of cocaine trafficking. The ‘Medellin Cartel’ was formed by him in collaboration with other criminals to ship cocaine to the American market and the Medellin Cartel’ enjoying near monopoly in the cocaine smuggling business in the US shipping over 80%of the total drug smuggling in the country.

Childhood and Early Life

His father was a farmer and his mother was an elementary school teacher. His father always told his that he never forgot his humble origins and he never expected anything from politicians. Escobar’s son was not exaggerating about his humble origins. During Pablo’s childhood, his family struggled to survive. His mother had seven children to feed and money was scarce and among that seven children, he belonged in third child. Pablo’s life began when he was only six-year-old. Every morning Pablo and his brother Roberto woke up early to school named ‘University Autonoma Latinoamericana of Medellin”. Their school was far and there was no transportation. The Escobal’s brother were used to walking for an hour to get there but unfortunately, after walking for so long, their shoes were worn out and the shoes had big holes, there was no point in wearing that shoes. One day Pablo decided to go to school by not wearing shoes and as soon as he entered the classroom but his teacher not allowed his in a classroom with shoes and sent him back home Pablo felt more humiliated. After arrived his mother from work, Pablo requested to have a new pair of shoes but bad news his mother has no money to buy new pairs of shoes for him. Pablo, who was aware of their limited means said to her mother “Don’t worry, mom, wait until I grow up, I will Give you everything. Since that time he leaves his school life and since childhood, he had a strong desire to become a millionaire by the age of 22. His criminal activities along with Oscar Bernal Aguirre included selling fake lottery tickets, stealing cars, selling contraband cigarettes and operating petty street scams. He became a bodyguard and thief in early 1970s and kidnapped a Medellin executive to earn a quick $100,000. His next step up in the criminal world was to work with Alvaro Prieto, a contraband smuggler. His criminal activities began on the streets of Medellin in his teens when he used to steal gravestones and sell them to smugglers after sanding them.

Criminal Career

A well named Medellin Cartel Dealer named Fabio Restrepo was murdered in 1975 and people thought Escobar was killed him in 1975 Escobar started his cocaine business by using Fabio Restrepo’s men because after he was killed Pabio’smen told them that they were told that they working for Escobar. Inside the violent World of the Medellin Cartel’ Roberto Escobar discussed how an obscure and simple middle class Pablo Escobar rose to become one of the richest men under the Sun.The Medellin Cartel smuggled 15 tons of cocaine every day which was worth half a billion dollars in the US Escobar spend $25,000 on the rubber band every month to hold all of his money but 10% of his money was written off due to spoilage but money that wasn’t written of was stored in a warehouse. Pablo entered the drug trade in the 1970s and developed his cocaine operation in 1975. He used to fly a plane between Colombia and Panama for smuggling the drugs to the US. In 1975, after he returned to Medellin from Ecuador with a Heavy load, he was arrested along with his men and thirty-nine pounds of white paste was found in their possession. He failed in an attempt to bribe the judges of his case and later killed the two arresting officers resulting in dropping of his case. Soon he started applying his tactics of either bribing or killing to deal with the authorities. After that, he shelled out several million dollars and purchase 7.7 square miles of land which included his estate ‘Hacienda Napoles’. His empire became so powerful that other drugs smugglers gave away 20% to 35%of their profit to him for smooth shipment of their cocaine to the U.S.

Personal Life and Legacy

In 1976 when Escobar was 26 he married a woman named Maria Victoria when she was only 15 years old but for them to get married they had to get approval from the local bishop. He was also known for having affairs with another underage woman, when they married they got had 2 kids named Juan Pablo and Manuela and her daughter a serious case of pneumonia while from cops and to keep warm Escobar burned 200 million dollars. On December 2,1993 after a 15-month manhunt by ‘Search Bloc’, the Colombian and the US intelligence agencies and the ‘Los Pepe’s’, he found from his hiding and shot by the ‘Colombian National Police’. It remains a mystery as to who shot him in his head as the relatives of Escobar believe that he shot himself to death.

Height of Power

He was a leader of poor people. He was dead in 2 December 1993 AD at the age of 44 in Medellin, Colombia. He was a hero to the Medellin especially to the poor people by Escobar building schools, churches,and hospitals for them. Pablo was a lifelong sports fan he made football fields, multi-sport, sports courts as well as sponsoring children football teams. The population of the Medellin helped him for serving as lookouts by hiding information from the authorities or by doing whatever else they could do to protect him from a government by becoming a bodyguard. After Escobar’s death and the fall of the Medellin Cartel, the cocaine market soon become dominated by the rival Cali Cartel, until the mid -1990s when its leader, too, was killed by the Colombian Government. There was no longer a figure like Escobar able to rule over the cocaine industry and control all the different links in the chain. The cities of poor he had aided him while he was alive about 25,000 people showed.

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