It is popular among the various streaming services to offer new users a testing period to discover their inventory. You can easily unsubscribe before the end of this time without paying a penny if you have found nothing that interests you.
For years, Netflix has offered a free one-month trial to new subscribers. From now on all new Netflix subscribers are now required to pay fully on the platform for the first month to receive the second-month free trial. Netflix now no longer give away first-month free trial. Netflix has revoked the opportunity to try the service free of charge for future customers.
The subscription plans of Netflix seen on the official Netflix page. The price varies according to categories with different qualities and features.

Basic Plan: $8.99 (Video quality: Good) Resolution: 480p (You can watch only one screen at the same time)

Standard Plan: $12.99(Video quality: Better) Resolution: 1080p ( You can watch two screens at the same time on multiple devices )

Premium plan: $15.99(Video quality: Best) Resolution: 4K+HDR(You can watch four at the same time on multiple devices)

With the free trial deal gone, Netflix will test more ways of video sampling promotions for individuals and this might varies with your location. The company is researching other ways for Netflix to try to develop its subscriber base. Those experiments are going to continue into 2021.