Bluehost is the world’s best hosting firm. Bluehost has been providing services for both company and individuals with outstanding hosting options since 1996. It is a large hosting platform with infrastructure supporting over 2 million domains. It is formally recommended for by the developer of -the most common CMS! No matter the location, Bluehost hosting will be the best choice.

The key purpose of is to have the most reliable and efficient solution. Bluehost turned out to be the best website hosting choice because of its affordable price and trustworthy facilities. In terms of full WordPress hosting, Bluehost is the main brand name. Bluehost provides major businesses with 24/7 customer service with a wide variety of web hosting plans for novices. They are one of the top web hosting firms promoted by

WordPress web hosting
Its servers are based in the US and cover an area of approximately 5 square meters and 118 data centres around the world are supporting this capacity. Cloud Flare CDN technology operates incredibly effectively and provides lightning-fast delivery of data, regardless of the distance between site visitors and servers. The overall server uptime is 99.95%, TTFB is less than 500ms The operating system is Linux-based CentOS, and Windows can also be installed on dedicated servers
Hosting is bulletproof, that is, the sites located on it are not disabled under any circumstances – complaints, claims and other conflicts. The setup is versatile, you can decrease the demand on your physical server and speeding up projects by disabling almost anything you won’t need (extensions, PHP modules and Apache). Hosting offers excellent protection from spam, DDoS and the security of personal data. Every day, data is backed up.

All web hosting companies use a format and layout for their backend. Bluehost uses the world-renowned cPanel, a simple and reliable backend device. This is very convenient. Customers will execute several 50 different tasks using this cPanel. All are very effective and the use of cPanel capabilities will save a considerable amount of time.


Benefits of using Bluehost hosting

  • Instant, one-click automatic installation!
  • High performance and stability.
  • There is a variable tariff grid available, allowing you to select the best service bundle.
  • Prompt technical support, available around the clock by phone and via live chat.
  • Excellent server uptime performance.
  • When you sign up for your account, there are no hidden costs.
  • When you sign up, you get a free domain name for 1 year.
  • Hosting plans are well accessible to most users, particularly those who have just started.
  • The official recommendation from, WooCommerce plugin, etc.

Drawbacks of using Bluehost hosting

  • The renewal price is higher than average for a free domain.
  • During the registration, you will have face an intense upselling process. However, if you don’t need them, you can conveniently uncheck those addons.
  • There is no good backup option in the entry-level plans.
  • Refunds are valid only 30 days after payment.
    There are load restrictions in tariffs. If they are exceeded, the site is blocked You can remove the block by increasing the limit, which is possible only when you switch to a more powerful tariff plan.

Hosting Plans and Features

From domain names to dedicated servers, Bluehost offers loads of various hosting-related products. Users only have to choose the appropriate plan for their online project.

Domain names

You can purchase domain names directly from Bluehost although registration domain name with Bluehost is not cheapest. Renewal for the domain costs around $17.99 per year. Namecheap provides the most reliable service with cheap domain names.

Shared hosting

Shared internet hosting is one of the most famous web hosting options for individuals who are building their first sites. Every individual who builds the first internet site began his voyage from a shared hosting account. The cheapest web hosting option is shared internet hosting plans. Bluehost shared service delivers a robust, established platform that is ideal for hosting for your web site. Bluehost has 4 differing kinds of hosting set up and they are Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro.

Bluehost shared Hosting plan

WordPress hosting

Bluehost offers quick, secure and easy WordPress hosting plan. Bluehost has a special architecture engineered to deliver exceptional overall performance for WordPress hosting. Everything you wish to build WordPress websites secure, straightforward to use, and very quickly comes customary. Bluehost has integrated key options and engineered tools that build it a breeze to run WordPress. Basic, Plus and Choice Plus is Bluehost’s WordPress hosting plan. for starting a professional WordPress website or want to grow your audience or want more advance features Bluehost’s WordPress hosting plan is best for you.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting plan

Virtual private servers hosting(VPS)

VPS is a Virtual Private Server. Bluehost has 3 styles of VPS hosting solutions Standard, Enhanced and Ultimate VPS hosting set up beginning at $19.99/month*. Bluehost virtual private servers use SSD storage for all its VPS Hosting plan. *. Bluehost provides powerful, customizable and ascendable platform VPS hosting for your web site.

Bluehost VPS hosting

Dedicated servers

Suitable for websites that generate plenty of traffic and/or need a high capacity server. Bluehost offers Dedicated server starting at $79.99/month* and has Standard, Enhanced and Premium Dedicated servers hosting plan. They utilize the most recent innovation to fabricate their server and gives you guide 24/7. If you want the very best stage of privacy, control and assets for your site at that point Dedicated server is best for you.


Backups can be created every day on all Bluehost plans. In case of complications, the user can roll back into the previous stable state at any moment, which guarantees a high degree of data protection. Two versions for recovery are by default available: Daily and Weekly. Alternatively, you can back up your data manually.

The popular cPanel is used for hosting management, so the GUI is not difficult to understand. The data was accessed 5 times more easily, which is highly visible when dealing with high volume files. You can use FTP and file manager to access files.

Performance of Bluehost

The speed is the key performance indicator that you need to seek on every hosting company. Not only it affect the site’s user experience, but also it affects the WordPress SEO rankings. Studies indicate that the website’s conversion rate can decrease up to 7 % if the website speed decline by 1 second. If the website speed decrease by 3 seconds then it will decrease your website traffic up to 50%. You must select a fast web hosting provider for a faster website.
For network and server uptime, Bluehost aims to deliver the finest in the industry. Bluehost hosting shows excellent uptime. Server and Network uptime rely on a range of problems varying in terms of user operation, traffic to other sites, hardware loss, hard disk fault and file corruption. In about 15 minutes, most problems are resolved. It can, however, take more than 15 minutes to deal with extreme problems. The server can take additional time to solve the problem in these exceptionally unusual circumstances. It will take several hours to back up and run the server in very extreme situations.

Safety Measures with BlueHost

According to tech support, the servers for Shared and WordPress plans come with basic security tools. It’s about countering DDoS attacks and SSL connection. Webmasters provide encryption of their own on a VPS and a dedicated server. They are solely responsible for their Server as well as the implementation of security protocol. If CentOS is used for work, then the company provides the antivirus. Additional security tools can be purchased from the built-in store
For all types of hosting, SiteLock malware scanner CodeGuard backup tracking is available. The expense is 2-3 dollars. When paying for hosting, CodeGuard is added to the cart on its own, but it can be removed. However, Be careful of overpaying a few bucks for a tool that you don’t use. Automatic backups are carried out regularly. If you want to revert to the previous state then you can simply contact technical support service.

Bluehost Support and Customer Service

Technical support experts from Bluehost are available 24 hours a day via phone and live chat. To help you properly via telephone or chat, The support team will need to be able to access and review and verify your account in most situations. The response to questions is timely, politely and effective. Just simply ask them if you are having any problem. They will try to solve the issue. Also, let you know what do you need to do. The experts also support VPS owners and special servers to handle CentOS.

When talking via live chat, you are linked to the first operator that has been released. It takes no longer than 3 minutes on average to answer. This helps you to address emerging issues very easily. The key thing to note is that you communicate with a human person, not a bot. Besides, a ticket system with e-mail correspondence is available for live chat and telephone to solve problems, as well as a comprehensive information Articles from the Knowledge Base to help answer general questions and lead you through different measures to set up, customize, and troubleshoot.

Conclusion: Is Bluehost the Right Choice for You?

Bluehost has been one of the top hosting sites in Bluehost for over 20 years with a solid track record. Experts and several websites also support this hosting company and include it in the highest ranked #1 hosting company.
They offer several hosting plans with tons of features that allow you to quickly create your website. All of their hosting plans provide 24/7 professional customer support with experienced staff. They offer affordable hosting options that satisfy any budget criteria. Bluehost websites operate for months without interruption and are fixed immediately if there are difficulties or any issue on the website, with the assistance of a professional service with technical support.

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