Amazon has become the hub for online shopping, distribution, sales, electronics, computer and video storage. It is the top cloud infrastructure services provider in the world at present. It is listed as the world’s fourth most important public organization and the eighth largest employer in the U.S. The company has internationally independent shopping Web sites for the USA, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Ireland, the French, Australia, Japan, China, India and Mexico, and more. It also offers international shipping for some of its goods to certain other nations. This operates under the domain that has attracted more than 130 million consumers to its US platform by the beginning of 2016 every month. is expanding the marketplace with different product categories. This comprises of books, DVDs, music CDs, photos and apps. Consumers may have clothing, baby products, electronics, beauty products, health products and personal care products as required. All the foods and drinks that are needed for individuals and business groups such as gourmet food, food, food, as well as manufacturing, medical, kitchenware, jewellery, musical instruments, athletic equipment, devices, automobile products and toys & games, are available under the Amazon roof.

Amazon has its own range of products manufactured. These products have been popular to provide and satisfy customers.
  • AmazonFresh- a grocery delivery service.
  • Amazon Prime- a paid subscription where users access to free two-day shipping, streaming video/music and other benefits for a monthly or yearly fee.
  • Web Services- paid subscription for on-demand cloud computing platforms.
  • Alexa- the intelligent personal assistant for interaction and communication.
  • Appstore- an app store for the Android operating system.
  • Amazon Drive- a cloud storage application.
  • Echo- a smart speaker.
  • Kindle- a tablet computer.
  • Kindle Store-  online e-book e-commerce store.
  • Music-  a music streaming platform, music locker, and online music store

Apart from these, Amazon is the world leading eCommerce site with products and services like Music Unlimited, Video, Amazon Studios, Amazon Wireless, Amazon Digital Game Store, Fire tablets, and Fire TV.

  • Amazon is a logistics company
  • Amazon Prime is the heart of Amazon
  • Amazon is a cloud-services company
  • Amazon is a hardware company
  • Amazon is a moonshot factory

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