One of the most famous browsers is your Yandex Browser. Yandex Browser was developed by the Russia web search company Yandex. The same as Chromium-Open Source project, made from Blink’s engine. It has a huge number of optimizations and good additional properties, as do several clones of chromium. It is a high-budget, independent product.
Should I use a Yandex browser as the main one? Let’s figure it out step by step.

Yandex Browser was launched in 2012 and the fans of Chrome and Opera gained interest first. This is the first (at least) browser in which previously released tabs were opened by default after launch, which can purchase new users by itself, not to mention other optimizations such as turbo mode, smart line, helpful mouse gestures, built-in anti-phishing device protect, mini window video monitor, lovely tiles for fast wireless access Most of this was later on or partially present in other browsers. Yandex has sublimated its colleagues’ best practices, added their own and launched a product that a lot of people enjoyed. It proved to be too good.

Yandex Browser

The most recent version of the installer can be downloaded from Yandex Browser, or a complete installation of either version is possible. It offers to become the default browser after startup. Uncheck the required box if you disagree. During installation, it will offer to become the default browser. If you do not agree, uncheck the corresponding box. The device would then prompt you to connect to your Yandex account to sync the cloud settings. Both data would be picked up whether it is mounted on other computers or previously in operation.

Installation and initial configuration
Installation and initial configuration

The contents of the tabs are also synchronized with easy access to pages of all cloud-connected computers. You can import configurations from any other application-Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, or something else-such as bookmarks, cookies, auto-complete fields or passwords. 

In the general setup, we suggest you to automatically pick the default search engine: Google, Yandex, Duck Duck Go or others. In the account management settings of the Yandex. Passport panel, we suggest that you uncheck the “Help Alice get better.” If not, the engine will be transmitting data on the commands used by voice assistant optimization. There are supplementary PC tools and limited delays.

Design, interface ergonomics

Yandex Browser design was developed by Artemy Lebedev studio. The GUI is attractive, even stunning in settings and produces a diving effect, in full-screen mode in particular. It has smooth animations, a beautiful regular and videophones, transparency effects and original icons, icons and other items which together leave the product in an aesthetic and unique impression. The very contrary to minimalism in Chrome. You would be assured about the impression of a holiday at work.
The default browser is trendy with transparencies and gradients. During the initial setup, the animated backdrop can be selected and your image can be uploaded. The size of individual pages can be individually changed or for each page by the fast-access menu that can be used for high-resolution monitor viewing. The same is valid with fonts — you can up / down. In the tab choices, for their labels and position (top or bottom), you can choose one of 4 types.
In the GUI setup, choose the default colour scheme. Several choices exist. There are thousands of choices in the browser that endorse Google Chrome topics. When you open a new tab to display the feed of Yandex. Zen, you can disable the animated backdrop, cover the weather and news tabs. In general, it makes almost all visible panels and buttons to be disabled / returned to the screen: customization of smart line content, monitor analysis of pages, read mode buttons, copying and uploading buttons, sidebar display, web icons, bookmarks, tutorials, etc. As a consequence of both of the treats, part of them or nearly equivalent to Chrome, the browser would be the way you want to be. In general, the GUI of Yandex is well received. Clear, customization good, versatile. The configuration and structure of the panels will be completely tailored to your preference in a few minutes.


Yandex Browser is based on a Blink engine-the same as other browsers that use Chromium. Because of daily updates, its performance can be expected to equal the Chrome performance. Since the architecture and the amount of built-in functions in Yandex is far more complex than the minimalist Chrome feature with simple platform choices.
The optimization is nevertheless nice and all these extra features have little impact on results. The browser scored 473 points at The same number was taken by Chrome and Opera. Cent’s browser scored 476, Mozilla’s Firefox 466. In other words, there is no big distinction between them. The most recent versions of both browsers are updated.
The browsers showed marginally more speed difference in Speedometer 2.0, a javascript benchmark imitating web applications. Yandex got 99.5, Chrome — 102.7, Cent — 95.83, Opera — 100.6, with Mozilla being 94.43 points the slowest. Thus, Yandex Browser performance is comparable to Chrome and Opera in two forms of testing.
Subjectively, Yandex opens the websites and the materials inside (,,, and at the same pace as Chrome. It also accurately and robustly shows information. All that is, as Yandex loudly loads the processor, you occasionally see jerks when playing 8 K video on YouTube. All is smooth on the same videos in Chrome, the CPU load is small. This is presumably a question of browser default rendering. The comparability was rendered in the same circumstances. You can allow/deny browser support in the background in performance settings, use hardware acceleration, unload unused tabs, and reload your background browser.
Overall, the Yandex browser is performance-satisfactory. It runs as quickly as virtually naked out of the chrome box with a good selection of chips. Besides, Turbo mode and advanced ad blockers are a good option for low-powered devices in this browser. However, for additional configuration, easier surfing, you need to deactivate animate backdrop and unnecessary panels and periodically clear the cache.
Yandex browser


Yandex is a modern browser with all that it implies. Combined with a good ergonomic interface and versatility in customisation and flexibility for those who need it. . There are iOS, Android, Linux models, all of which function with account data synchronization. Free storage is just 10 GB (mail, files etc) of space. Free of charge. Yandex is a complete web ecosystem, the browser binds all of them to communicate. You will reach those by clicking on the Personal icon in the top left corner. There are over 20 places: mail, documents, collections, notices, passports, website reviews, songs, market maps and posters etc.
The main page shows Scoreboard-stunning tiles with signatures and ties. Interestingly, not just bookmarks and places commonly used, but recently closed pages are open. You can install as many tiles as you want and place them in one folder or whole directories in the Workspace. The machine saves the scoreboard setup for each PC the account has logged in. You can choose the appropriate tile configuration when you update your browser.
When you open a new tab, the site scoreboard will still show. The bookmark bar and the smart bar are on top. Below is a brief rundown of news, exchange rates, local traffic jams and the weather. Below is a read tap – a hodgepodge from multiple sources or Yandex. Zen if the configuration is allowed. The main screen is thus very informative and not crowded by a million items barely used. You can customize something if you like or deactivate unnecessary things.
The main menu (top right, red dot marked) offers fast configurations and access to big ones. Here, you can adjust the scale for a particular page on your fly, switch on turbo mode, allow incognito for surfing without tracks and enter full-screen mode.

Side panel

The browser shows a sidebar on the left by default, which can be deactivated as needed. It comprises the management of accounts, history, alerts, bookmarks, Yandex. Notes, management of music and tab. The panel takes up certain areas but is beneficial when you use the browser’s features actively. You opened about 50 tabs, for instance, the labels are tiny and replicated, how do you find the correct one? All tabs are shown in a list with a tab control, can be pinned, swapped, and transferred easily. The same goes for bookmarks. Or so, several tabs are open with sound sources, where is what? We turned to music control-everything is visible, one was on, the other stopped. Feasible and straightforward.


Yandex Browser has its own Protect patented active security technologies. It scans all downloaded virus files automatically, alerts you when accessing suspicious resources, and has anti-phishing data security built-in. The online banking and payments services sites will be accessed in secure mode by default.
The browser also allows you to use connection protection, data encryption and the configuration of DNSCrypt to encode the traffic from the chosen server during work sessions with public WI-FI networking. In advanced site settings, you can set browser behaviour rules in many web services interaction scenarios: automated download of files, display of pop-up windows, camera control, location, MIDI, and USB, photo display, processing protocols, cookies, Flash and JavaScript. Flash is the right way to access your website. All of this can be globally enabled or disabled. For such alternatives, the user’s approval may also be requested on each call.


Yandex Browser off box includes a range of additional settings and add-ons, which can be enabled with a single click: YouTube Video download, Turbo mode, Yandex. Advisor & Ether, ad blockers, Letyshops, Evernote, Pocket and more. The system uses the Opera browser extension directory as a native one, besides, the browser can use all applications of the Google Chrome store.


You can also use Yandex Browser to make it simpler with a bunch of features out of the box. Support for mouse gestures is given to returning to the previous tab, window, restore the closed tab, reload the page, open the scoreboard, and then put the cursor in the search bar, etc. Animation of the requisite mouse action to call shows any possibility. Any movements can be left, others can be selectively disabled. A complete reader with the help of many popular formats (Docx, ppt, RTF etc.) is integrated here and the browser can open PDF files. If a search request is failing, the browser will automatically adjust the interface, convert the whole content of the page into the system language and each sentence (by keeping Shift).
There is an incorporated notebook-Papers, whose contents are synchronized on all devices. It is quick to make notes at practice. You can also connect to sites using GOST encryption, for which the CryptoPro CSP extension needs to be enabled. Generally speaking, the browser is formally recommended for use in Russian Union government departments, and there is also a special commercial edition for organisations which you can download for free.
Turbo mode lowers the volume of data transmitted, helping you to surf the Web with a bad network at a reasonable speed. The blocking of the website can also be circumvented by following the same concept as VPN providers. In this setup, you can speed up the download by allowing video compression. The operating mode is available: automatic activation, disabled or permanently activated with a weak connection.
A little feature scrolls up the page by clicking on its tab. When streaming, when changing a tab or minimizing the browser, it is shown over the monitor and other screens, the video transfers to a different window. Alternatively, you can disable audio playback by pressing the speaker icon on the tab.

Conclusions and recommendations

Yandex Browser is an interesting product for a wide variety of users. It would seem, why install it for those who care about Yandex services? Its integration is far from the browser’s big benefit, although it’s important to others.
The key benefits are the Turbo mode out the box, a conveniently controlled interface, two big extension libraries supported, a simple and reasonably comprehensive menu, convenience to work through a wide range of tabs, bookmarks, web pages’ reading text (read mode, annotations, translators, copy-paste by selection). That is the usual consumer qualities that are important for all browser users, regardless of Google / Yandex preferences. Regardless of the operation and specifications, the Yandex browser can be used as the primary one. It’s mostly Chrome with better accessibility and a more affluent interface without losing efficiency overall. It is equally good for fun and serious work.