Have you ever tried, but never succeeded, to get money online? You would like to pay a few bills from another stream of revenue? Or are you awaiting the replacement of your current job? Regardless of whether you want easy cash or want positive results for a longer period, today’s capital (Making money) is available online. Everybody is dreaming about making money. If you can find out how to make money from an online platform or some other company, you can leave work to concentrate on business, spend more time with your family and finally have complete control of your time and life.
There are many legal ways to make money on the Internet. We will talk about them in more detail in this article. There are several online and offline business ideas that you can use to make make money and those business model are implemented by many companies to generate revenue. As several offline businesses and thousands of ideas are available online to make money. In many cases, you will be lost. However, you must investigate until you decide which one fits well for you. Your ambition, your dedication, your imagination and your concentration are primarily the best way to make money online. You must be willing to devote the time and resources to get the project off the ground and keep it even though the road is long at the outset.
Ways of earning can be divided into the following groups:
  • Internet projects (require certain time or financial investments before they start generating income).
  • work on other people’s projects (freelancing is no different from any other work the only difference is that you can work remotely).

Earnings on your sites

It’s not a terrible decision to use your website to make money. That’s how you make money while you sleep. If you work well on your website, you will make a lot of money. Next, the website will require you. First, you have to select your domain name to create a website. Your domain name is one of the most critical features of your website. This is the URL that you share with your present and future consumers in social media.
You must then pick the web hosting service. A web hosting account for hosting a website is important. It is important. Anyone on the Internet can use a web hosting facility. To set up the hosting for a small company, you need to pick the external server. Choose your hosting package according to your website and budget. As the name implies, you won’t be able to make money without having your website. But a high-quality site can be turned into a good source of constant income.
Earnings on your sites
You must first select your domain name to create a website. Your domain name is one of the most prominent components of your website. This is the URL that you share with existing and future consumers in social media. You then have to pick a web hosting. A Web hosting account to host a Website is very important. Anybody on the internet can access a web hosting facility and can host their online project. It is simply too complex for a small corporation to configure the hosting and you need to use an external server.

Choose your hosting package based on your website and budget. Bluehost, Hostgator, Namecheap, in-motion hosting, Hostinger, TMDHosting, A2Hosting, Crucial WebHosting, eUKhost, Domain.com, LiquidWebhosting and Netfirms etc are some of the famous web hosting services for your website. You can also use Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and Shopify to build and host your website.

The main ways to make money from your site include:

Earnings from advertising on the site

The amount of income depends a lot on which ad network or networks you choose to host. The fact is that large networks, such as AdSense and YAN (Yandex Advertising Network), have special requirements for the subject of the resource, and YAN generally sets a threshold for attendance and checks the site statistics at the moderation stage. Smaller networks can work with different topics but the payment amounts are offered significantly lower.
A site with good traffic. the higher the potential income. Accordingly, the site needs to be constantly engaged for it to get the best positions in the search. You can always buy a ready-made website, but when buying, there can be a lot of pitfalls (from winding statistics to existing sanctions from search engines).

From several thousand to several million dollars per month. There are no maximum limits. Everything depends only on your experience and commercial streak. The more correctly you develop your site, the more it brings. It is easy to say, but sometimes very difficult to do because competitors are on the alert. Some of the other popular Advertising networks are Propellerads, a-ads, Revenuehits, Evadav, Media.net, Adversal, VigLink, Etc.

Earnings on referral systems/affiliate programs

Imagine that you have your own business and want to expand your sales market. How to do it? Build your network of partners to attract customers or trust special platforms. Then everyone will look for clients for you, and in return, you will share with them a part of the earnings (this can be a percentage or a fixed amount). All sides of the process win the seller, the aggregator, the site owners. Accordingly, the more clients they bring, the higher the earnings of partners. Aggregators not only unite sellers and partners, but also act as a kind of guarantor (third party), plus, here you can find promotional materials for the desired affiliate program.
A site related to the topic of the affiliate program. If you are promoting the services of a law firm, it makes sense that your site would be associated with legal advice. Here you can collect answers to frequently asked questions on legal topics. If this is an affiliate program for hosting services, then the site can be associated with site-building in general or with its aspects (hosting setup, selection of servers, specifics of working with a specific CMS, promotion, etc.).
A lot (up to several million per month). Sometimes it is even more than just displaying ads in a similar topic since the number of effective contacts here is significantly higher than paying for targeted actions in contextual advertising networks. And with the right choice of a niche and expert presentation of materials, the number of transactions can be very large. Besides, no one forbids making several different sites (each for its types of affiliate programs). But to get a lot, you need to work hard and invest in the development of sites.

Earnings on downloads

These are a kind of affiliate programs, the main difference of which from affiliates offering goods and services is redirecting to file hosting services. Since many file-sharing services have lost their market with the advent of cloud storage, their place was quickly taken by applications for making money on installations/downloads of mobile applications. Everything is logical here. The market for mobile applications is growing, it is difficult for novice developers to recruit/find their first users. They are ready to invest their money in it. And special intermediary services come to the rescue.
A site or a whole galaxy of sites related to software. Sometimes downloads can be in demand in SEO or in website building (premium themes, paid add-ons, narrow-profile software, databases, etc.). If we are talking about installations of mobile applications, then it is logical to devote the site to this topic (descriptions, instructions, etc.).
The days of file sharing are over. Now the income from them is scanty. It’s easier to make money on advertising or affiliate programs from software manufacturers. It is best to advertise mobile applications, but they will not bring a lot of money either (this is due to the paying capacity of the audience). Only a well thought out project can take off.

Website development for sale

It’s good if you figured out how and on what to create a website, you know a lot about web technologies. You don’t even just know, but also know how to apply them in practice. Then you can think about offering your services to other people, for example, business owners or those who dream of launching their project on the Web. You can sell both “blanks” (that is, sites prepared for further work) and working projects (promoted, filled, often even profitable). The first option is much cheaper and easier to implement.
Skills and abilities to work with your sites. For the final product to be of any interest to the buyer, it must meet the customer’s requirements. Therefore, you need to know how to make a website to order (not necessarily yourself, you can involve third parties). You can sell already promoted sites, but it’s like giving away the goose that lays the golden eggs.
make money online
The cost of a finished site depends on many factors: what CMS it is made on, what integrations and functionality are available, whether an individual design has been developed, modules, whether there is income, etc. Sites can be sold for 10-100 thousand dollars, and sometimes more expensive. The main thing is to find your niche. Evaluation of working sites is usually calculated based on potential earnings in 10 months But other factors can also affect the cost: topic, number of pages, age, number of unique visitors, etc. Prices for individual lots reach several million dollars. The sale is best done through special exchanges or with the involvement of guarantors.

Channels / social networks

Earnings on the Youtube channel

YouTube is another website that allows users to earn cash online. Many users use YouTube to watch interesting, educational videos, music videos or waste time and others use YouTube to make money. They use YouTube for their online business as a major source of sales. The first step to making money from YouTube is to register for an account. Make, upload and start monetizing your content, building your YouTube account.
Not a job, but just a dream. No auditions, auditions, directors, screenwriters, etc. All you need is a camera, a video editor (if you plan to edit videos) and a Youtube account. It’s not that simple, though. It takes a lot of work and style to build your audience. Practice shows that no one needs low-quality content. The video should either arouse interest (be controversial, funny, touch on pressing or eternal topics, etc.) or be of some kind (these can be instructions, reviews, comparisons, etc.).
In addition to an account and a good camera, you need to have a clear channel development strategy. There are three ways to generate income: from user donations (usually relevant for video bloggers), displaying ads on media networks (Google Adsense), or direct contacts with advertisers (these can be online stores or individual manufacturers).
The amount of income depends on the topic and the activity of the audience. Someone may have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, but they will earn several dollars a month on advertising, and someone will have a good income with a thousand subscribers thanks to donations. If you connect your AdSense account, please note that the minimum payout here is 100 USD. Through partners, the minimum payment amounts can be from 0.5 USD, but the percentage of earnings here is significantly lower (23-35% of the network’s income). Beginning YouTubers should not count on a serious level of income, it will rather be additional earnings – about 2-5 USD per 1000 views.

Earnings on Instagram and TikTok

The scheme is very similar to YouTube, but unlike the product of the search giant, Instagram and TikTok have such a thing as “content life”. Here, the video is not stored for years, is not indexed in the search, etc. Therefore, bloggers can only sell direct advertising (you need to find an advertiser yourself). You need a channel with a large number of subscribers. The larger your audience, the more payment you can expect. Content needs to be generated regularly.

Earnings on streaming

This is the same earnings as on video blogs, only your gameplay will act as content. For streaming, you can use the same YouTube or similar large platforms, or specialized platforms: Twitch, WASD, Mixer, etc. Earning money on streams is possible thanks to donations, paid subscriptions and affiliate programs of the chosen platform. Without a powerful PC, you won’t be able to play games and at the same time broadcast your screen.
If you exclude donations and subscriptions (it is unlikely that your audience will be immediately ready to share their money with you), then you can earn about 3 USD from a thousand views by showing the platform’s advertising. Large streamers often have sponsorship support. Their income is estimated at thousands of dollars a month. Some are even hired as agents.

Earnings from the promotion of groups in social networks

Suitable only for those who have already figured out the work of social media, created and promoted more than one group. This is a great option for passive income: you have an audience, and on the other hand, there are always advertisers who need new customers. You place sponsored posts and get paid for it.
Only specialized skills, experience and time for promotion are required. Sometimes in promotion, it will be useful to use special services and software. But don’t assume that just pressing a couple of buttons and the audience will suddenly appear miraculously. Automatic cheating, bots and other “black” methods will most likely give the opposite result – you can get a ban. The key to success is the availability of new and interesting content.
With an attendance of 5-10 thousand people/day, the cost of 1 advertising post is 15-30 USD. But it all depends on the topic and activity of the community. It is best to conduct several groups/communities at the same time on different topics. If earlier the content on VKontakte could be “collected” from other publics, then after the introduction of the uniqueness check system this became impossible. Now you can “generate” records only in manual mode (with the involvement of copywriters/authors). And this is a serious expense.

Earnings on the sale of training courses

You don’t have to be so good at something to start selling training courses. You can always use ready-made affiliate programs (ready-made courses). All that remains is to look for customers and get your percentage of sales. Looking for some really useful video courses. Most often, they “shoot” topics of programming, weight loss, learning to work with Photoshop, playing Forex, etc. You will need a selling site – a landing page (landing page), where you can take orders for the course. It will not work to promote your landing page in search engines, so you can get clients by launching an advertising campaign in context, on social networks or on targeted web resources (where the target audience lives).
Each course can cost from 10 to 100 thousand dollars. It all depends on the topic, your speaking skills and the usefulness of the course. In the case of selling courses from partners, you can count on 25-45% of the transaction amount. The total amount of sales depends only on you. There is no upper bar.

Earnings on the training profession

Unlike selling courses, there is more emphasis on the practical side here. If you, for example, offer training in programming, then many hours of your classes will be devoted to the implementation of practical tasks and their quality control. If you teach SMM, SEO, other specialities – the same (many lessons, webinars, work with each course participant individually).
You need to be an expert in your field. To conduct classes, it is advisable to use reliable platforms (programs designed for organizing webinars, streaming, etc.), but in reality, you can do without them. There will be enough messengers with group calls. The cost of online training is not much higher than that of ready-made courses. Although it all depends on the usefulness of the course and the interest of the audience in it. Normal prices can be called 20-1000 dollars or even more per course.

Freelancing projects

The line between your own and someone else’s projects on the Internet is very thin. Even starting to work in a team, you remain freer than when working in any office. Nobody detains you. The faster you do your part, the faster you free yourself. The higher your professionalism, the higher your pay. Freelancing has only one problem – self-organization.
Freelancing is a short-term task with a member of the organization, with various forms of work without any sort of long-term arrangement. Online money can be made through freelance work and has been a common means of earning money often. Several web pages provide autonomous assignments to people with different remote expertise. Works you can do online to earn money can include executing jobs, completing surveys, editing and composing the paper, website creation, photographing, video editing, etc.

Technical work on the Internet

Earnings on running/setting up advertising campaigns

Classic SEO is always expensive and slow. And business needs quick results. The most effective way to attract the first customers on the Web is to launch advertising campaigns in social networks, in contextual advertising networks (Google AdWords, Yandex. Direct, etc.). On the one hand, the interface of these services is so simple that any business representative can cope with them, but in practice, many people simply “waste” their advertising budget. The point is, you need a strategy to optimize costs and get low-cost ad response. Setting up your ads correctly takes a lot of time and effort. And you can make money on this
Only specialized skills. You can master the profession according to special courses. The main thing is perseverance and a lot of practice. Running one campaign costs about 10-30 dollars. (depending on goals, number of ads, topic and budget). A competent specialist can run several dozen such campaigns in parallel.

Earnings on programming, finalizing the functionality of sites

Programming is traditionally the most expensive service in the field of site-building. The number of orders and the level of payment depends on profile skills (skills). Someone is well versed in certain frameworks, someone has mastered PHP / Ruby well, someone is profiled only in JS, etc. A lot of practice and specialized knowledge. The education you are unlikely to be forced to confirm, but the requirements to demonstrate knowledge or the result of work will come unambiguously.
The fact is that classic freelancing (remote work) for many programmers is not the best way to make money. If you want to receive consistently high income, you need to get a job in large companies and work there. Then you can count on a salary of 50-300 thousand dollars. A freelance is a large number of scattered orders and minor improvements. The payment here is usually lower, but no one will check your qualifications. Novice programmers can expect an income of 20-1000 dollars/month. After the portfolio is full and experience comes, you can get from 100 thousand / month.

Earnings on server administration, hosting setup, site transfer

Many shared hosting services are already configured and optimized to work with a large number of client sites. But when a site grows out of shared hosting, it turns out that self-tuning VPS / dedicated servers are not such an easy process. Most of the default settings lead to overload and other problems. Installation and configuration are performed from the console, which significantly increases the entry threshold. There is only one way out – to trust the professionals.
Knowledge and experience in setting up a typical set of software for a web server and virtual hosts (PHP, Apache 2, Nginx, SSH, etc.). It is best to advertise your services on specialized sites (forums of popular CMS, freelance exchanges, etc.). Earnings depend on your experience and knowledge, as well as on the time spent on the order. The minimum prices are about 50-1000 dollars per hour of work. This can be consultations, help with repelling DDoS attacks, optimizing page loading and other types of work. The total income is limited only by the number of customer calls.

Earnings on writing texts (copywriting and rewriting)

An uncomplicated type of earnings that does not require any qualifications from you. The network has a huge number of copywriting exchanges, thematic forums and instructions (how to write certain types of texts). You just need to dive into the topic and start working. Text content has been and remains the most important for search engines, and robots are unlikely to ever replace humans.
Only knowledge of the language in which you plan to write texts. Those who know how to create content in English, German and other languages can expect more income. An important indicator of any text is its uniqueness. The uniqueness check is carried out by special online services or PC programs. You will also have to comply with the requirements of clients for the text.
Novice copywriters can expect to pay from 10-100 dollars. But even with such prices, you can earn from 1000 dollars/ day or more. Experienced copywriters can set higher prices – up to 100 dollars. signs. Their earnings reach several hundred thousand months. Sometimes you can find proposals for project-based maintenance of sites (content management). Without the experience of writing articles, you can take on a cheaper job: filling forums, writing reviews, etc.

Earnings for creating other types of content (videos, images, presentations, etc.)

Websites require not only texts. Many publications require quality images, thematic videos or presentations. Usually, no one expects a copywriter to write the text and create media content for it. Therefore, the process of preparing articles is left to the mercy of professionals.
Knowledge and skills in creating various media content. You can concentrate on only one view, for example, images or high-quality thematic photos. Someone may offer 3D digitization of goods for online stores. There are different types of content, each of which will require its own set of professional equipment (cameras, video cameras, drones for filming from the air, etc.), as well as a set of expensive software. The processing should be handled by a high-performance PC.
The logo design will cost an average of 10 USD per set of files, creation of advertising banners – from 8 USD, etc. Videos are usually the most expensive (they often require the work of actors and expensive equipment for filming). Prices are determined individually.

Earnings on search engine optimization / SEO

Many website owners have no idea how to develop their project. And it’s good if these are fan projects. But what if this is a company website, an online store, or another commercial project? SEO-optimizers come to the rescue. The services of those who have examples of successfully promoted commercial and information sites are most appreciated.
We need a clear plan for the development of the project, which may include: conducting advertising campaigns, collecting the semantic core, prescribing meta tags, posting new content, etc. By and large, this is all a routine, without which the progressive development of any site is simply impossible. Many SEO-optimizers always have special tools and services that facilitate some of the routine tasks (for example, a program for collecting key queries Key Collector, a website URL parser, etc.).
Complex maintenance of 1 site usually costs 2-4000 Dollars. (depending on the topic and the number of pages). But you can always start providing individual services: SEO audit (from 50-3000 dollars), consultations (from 100 dollars/hour), a compilation of a CY (30-50 dollar for manual grouping of requests), drawing up technical specifications for copywriters, purchasing links (meaning quality links, not directory run). SEO-optimizers can run several sites in parallel.

Earnings on maintaining channels of companies

Small and medium-sized businesses should be considered as clients, whose representatives need pages on VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, etc. with an active community. These are potential orders and for sure good social advertising of services. Also, as an option, individual users who need a constant source of passive income may be interested in the promotion.
Time, experience and desire. The process is no different from filling any other sites. You or a hired copywriter creates themed content. You post it and stimulate additional activity (conduct promotions, polls, etc.). It’s best to have a detailed content plan.
For one group / social network, even novice can safely ask for about 100-200 Dollars/month. Of course, it all depends on the tasks, the amount of content, etc. Besides, no one forbids you to conduct several groups from different companies at the same time. Therefore, the total amount of payments per month can reach several hundred thousand.

Providing other services remotely

Earnings on tutoring and online consultations

You can have serious experience in a particular field and make money on it. For example, lawyers can offer online consultations, SEO masters can conduct audits, psychologists can conduct an appointment via video link, etc. There is always a demand for such services. With the modern workload at work, not all parents have the opportunity to work with their children so that they keep up with the school curriculum and show good results in testing. If you have good knowledge of a particular school subject, you can take up tutoring. Of course, the best format of tutoring is face-to-face, but online classes are also suitable for some children.
You need to have qualifications and experience in a particular area. Most in demand: doctors, lawyers, psychologists, auto experts, appraisers, accountants, etc. If you are interested in tutoring, you must first bring your knowledge up to the current school curriculum. You don’t need to know all the subjects, you can concentrate on only one of them: English, Russian, mathematics, literature, etc. Ideally, you need to have a clear lesson program (for tutors, it should correspond to the school one).
The level of earnings depends only on your abilities and on the demand for your field of activity. There is no upper limit for the number of consultations per month. But it should be understood that in some areas there may be strong competition and seasonal demand (for example, accountancy services become more relevant before submitting reports). One lesson (no more than 1 hour) with a tutor in one subject costs an average of 20-100 dollars. When loading 8 hours a week, you can receive up to 100-500 dollars/month of additional income.

Earnings on the services of a call centre operator (at home)

You can answer customer questions, conduct surveys, offer certain services (so-called cold calling). Now many call centres are switching over to telecommuting. You can get a job officially – in a call centre you like or just in a company that needs similar services. experience is usually not required.

Earnings on translation services

Now even many translation agencies hire freelancers to work. Translation services can be useful not only for translating documents but also during the work of a company (for example, when negotiating with foreign partners, when concluding contracts, etc.). Services for the translation of videos (including films, TV series), transcription, translation of CMS templates, and much more are in demand. Knowledge of a second language. The better your level, the higher your earnings.

Surveys, searches and reviews

Dozens of organizations employ new representatives from around the world to carry out surveys. Companies are still attempting to understand their customer feedback and demographics to enhance their products, services and marketing efforts. Many businesses use online polling in market research to gather public opinion and to give internet polls, surveys, and product reviews. Corporations also collaborate and work with market research firms from third parties to initiate and promote surveys.

Before you use a website, read their ratings online. Be alert to determine the authenticity of the website as many of them can be a fraud. To receive credit, such records must be communicated, including financial information and other personal data. You should be very cautious. You can join Neobux, Swagbucks, timebucks , ysense, prizerebel , offernation and inboxdollars to start earning money from for opinion and survey.

Web Browser To Earn Money

Do you know that by downloading and browsing the internet on the web browser, you will get the money? A web server or just a ‘browser’ is the software for accessing and navigating the internet. There are many web browsers, but all of them operate in the same manner. You can do stuff like view multimedia, access and connect one web site to another, print, send and receive e-mails and other web browser activity. Browser, Cryptotabbrowser, Netbox Browser, Presearch and Bittube are some browser that you can use to make money.

make money online


There are endless approaches to make money online, and the ones we mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg. Check this article. How to Make money online. ? You can find thousands of success stories as you look online to inspire you to see how people make money online. If you feel patient, curious about almost everything and imaginative talents, you can make money online.

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