There are dozens of Web hosting company in the market. In many ways, the hosting companies are similar. They can offer one-click installations, cPanel admin dashboards, add-on domains, and that sort of thing. But in many other ways, the hosts can be quite different, and those differences are what you should look into when choosing hosting companies. If you are searching for the hosting company whom you can trust and can help you to reach your goal in popularizing your website and increase you traffic then Crucial Hosting is another hosting company which is best for you.

Crucial webhost is web hosting service providing company based out of Queen Creek, Arizona. It was founded in 2006 with headquarter in Arizona where the primary date center located. The physical data center is run on a private server cluster cage at the PheonixNap data center facility. They offer split-shared and split-dedicated web packages. They also offer traditional shared and dedicated web hosting solutions and Magento hosting depending on your needs. They also provide ecommerce solutions, SSL certificates, and PCI compliance. Their hosting options are very user-friendly and easy to use. If you are looking for the easy hosting site then Crucial Hosting is the one. They have strong support for platform redundancy and failover rerouting. Crucial hosting has the products needed to ensure uninterrupted service without sacrificing application performance.

Split-Shared Hosting

Crucial split-shared hosting plan provide a stable environment with a smaller number of clients per server. Split-shared hosting is ideal for bloggers, small businesses, and other low-traffic websites. Crucial split-shared hosting is backed by the same high-performance, high-stability platform that split-dedicated plans run on but typically comes with bad performance and stability issues. Enteprise Intel SSD drives are used to address the high disk access needs of a shared hosting platform, and CloudLinux is utilized to the isolate abusive client to only their applications.

Split-Dedicated Hosting

Split-Dedicated Hosting provides a high-performance, stable environment. Split-Dedicated plans run on a stable Xen Virtual Server environment, with many in-house improvements. Split-Dedicated plans come with in-house server monitoring software, which allows you to keep an eye on how your system and services are performing. Split-Dedicated Hosting is perfect plan for high traffic website which have lots of customer interaction and purchasing. Crucial Hosting offers Fully Managed VPS hosting powered by our high-performance cloud hosting platform. 24×7 monitoring and proactive support to keep your site online. Dedicated resources & easily scalable.

Dedicated servers

A dedicated server is a single computer in a network reserved for serving the needs of the network. It is a hosting configuration in which a server is devoted to a single organization or for a single purpose, such as a website. The dedicated servers hosting is expensive than other hosting. With dedicated web hosting, you’re renting a physical server dedicated to your website, and your website only. A dedicated server is much faster than shared hosting because you’re not sharing resources like bandwidth or storage with other websites hosted on the same server. If you’re looking for the ultimate in control, flexibility, and security, a dedicated server will provide you and your site visitors with the best experience. No more bandwidth issues, configuration limits, or shared IP addresses dedicated server is best for you. Dedicated servers are deployed as virtual server instances, where your virtual environment is the only one on the entire physical server. This configuration allows for better control over your environment.
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