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How to show or hide all hidden text in Microsoft Word?

How to show or hide all hidden text in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft. It is developed so as to allow the users to type and save documents that they need. It has a feature which allows users to hide text without deleting them completely, so that it does not visibly appear in the document. The display of the text is simply suppressed. It can later be displayed again. In Word, hidden text is an attribute just like italics or bold or color. You can hide text if you want to print out two different versions of the same document under same files.

How to show or hide all hidden text in Microsoft Word? 1

How to hide text?

The steps are as follows:
Open any document the text of which you want to hide.
Highlight the text that you would like to hide or press “Control + A” to select all text in the document, and right-click on it, and choose Font. Alternatively, select Home then expand the Font section.
In the Font dialog box, you will see the Hidden checkbox in the Effects section. Check the Hidden box to show hidden text or uncheck it to hide text.
• Click Ok and your text is gone now.

How to show or hide all hidden text in Microsoft Word? 2

How to show the hidden text?

Showing hidden text has same process as hiding the text. The steps include:
• Press CTRL + A to select the whole document, right-click on any highlighted part of the document and choose Font again.
• Now you will see the Hidden checkbox is fully black in the Effects section. Click on it, the checkmark will be removed, and the hidden text will be shown back in the document.

Show/Hide Hidden Text By Show/Hide Function

How to show or hide all hidden text in Microsoft Word? 3

The keyboard shortcut of Show/hide function:Ctrl+* (sometimes written as Shift+Ctrl+8 ).
Show/hide function can be used to show or hide all formatting marks in Word, and it’s unavailable if you have checked Hidden text item in Display.

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