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What is clixsense? How do I earn money with clixsense?

What is clixsense? How do I earn money with clixsense?

Clixsense is a PTC (paid to click) program where you can earn money by viewing ads, playing grid, doing simple tasks and taking surveys. ClixSense is one of the most popular and most stable PTC / GPT sites today. You can advertise your website or product from them for a reasonable price.

What is clixsense? How do I earn money with clixsense? 1

ClixSense was established on February 2007, initially founded by Steven Girsky and later owned by James Grago or Jim Grago on May 2010. They transcend From a PTC website to a hybrid website (PTC / GPT), Clixsense now offer many ways to earn money from their website other than viewing ads.

How to earn?

ClixSense offers many ways to earn money. The methods can be as follows:

What is clixsense? How do I earn money with clixsense? 2

PTC ad clicks:
This is the easiest way to earn money online. All you are required to do is to click an advertisement and you will be paid for it. Average earning in most country is $0.04 per day.

Similar to PTC ad clicks, here you only need to click the ads in the grid and view it for 10 seconds. You can win upto $10 instead of getting paid.
You can earn more from it than viewing ads. Although it is a time-consuming process, you can easily double or triple your money from doing tasks. Since the tasks are not always available, you need to take advantage of it once you see one.
Tasks value varies by difficulty and level. The more the difficult level, the more you will be paid.

In ClixOffers, you are required to complete the task according to the given instructions. Your task will be reviewed, verified and then approved if the task was done correctly. The amount of reward varies on the offer ranging from $0.1-$0.02 per offer.

Survey is becoming the dominant money-making Program of ClixSense. You can earn roughly $20 from taking surveys whereas only $5 from PTC Ads every week.

Sign up now

Apart these, you need to sign in with Clicksense and login to your account. You can immediately start doing tasks and taking surveys to earn extra cash. You will be paid through electronic cashouts, such as: Payoneer, Paytoo, Payza and Neteller.

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