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How to hide files and folders on Computer

How to hide files and folders on Computer
There are many reasons why people hide their files and folder on computer. Usually people hide those files which they don’t want other people to see. Privacy is hard to come by these days. Whether you are sharing your computer or someone occasionally have access your computer, may be you have desire to hide some files and folders on your computer which may be your sensitive information or your private files. Here’s how to do it.

Use hidden folders

1. Open File Explorer
2. Select the files or folders you want to hide
3. Right-click and click on Properties


4. Click the General tab
5. Click the check-box next to Hidden in the Attributes section
6. Click Apply


7. If you’re hiding a folder with files and sub-folders, make sure to select the Apply changes to this folder, sub-folders, and files option.
8. Click OK.

9. Click OK again to complete the task.
Once you’ve completed the steps mention above, the hidden folder will not be visible anymore when looking through folders. When you need to find those files again, just turn Hidden Items on.

Hide files and folders using Command Prompt

Hide files and folders using Command Prompt
If you want to make the real hidden file and folder, the window won’t display it even if explorer it set to display hidden files and folders. Here’s how to do it..
There are some other ways to hide your data on computer from other people. You can put your sensitive files into the cloud. Store your personal data online to the place like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Box. There are many other cloud service, decide which you should use for cloud storage, file-sharing and syncing services.
Beside this you can use Apps to Hide Files from Search and History.

Use Apps to Hide Files from Search and History

There are many third- party applications to hide files and folders. if you wish to hide your confidential information on the computer not on the cloud, you have several option as well.if you want to put some secret file or make then hidden into computer or make password to read, edit or erase any of your file and folders then some of these utility might help you.

My Lockbox
It Keep your private files in a password protected folder. Almost any folder on your computer with the help of My Lockbox, you can enable hide, lock and protect it with password. You can only access the hidden folder or the content of the that protected folder only with My Lockbox.


Hide Folders
It is an innovative software application which enables you to password protect all the private information on your hard drive. With the help of Hide Folders, you can protect any number of files and folders on your computer.

Hide Folders

For more information click on the link below.
Application to Hide Files & folders

if you want to hide files & folders into computer to read, edit or erase any of your file then some of these utility might help you.

I hope you will find this information useful.

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