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What is peerfly and how to earn money with peerfly?

What is peerfly and how to earn money with peerfly?

Peerfly is an affiliate network that connects all the merchants who want to promote their products and services, with the affiliate marketers based on CPA (Cost per action) model. It was launched in January,2009 by Chad French, currently the President & CEO of the company. It is still a very small company but with tremendous strides and a great impression in the industry.

What is peerfly and how to earn money with peerfly? 1

Earning money through Peerfly is easy if you are experienced on online affiliate marketing and have sound knowledge about CPA. You have to submit your affiliate application. With 1359 active affiliate offers, online merchants or vendors can promote their products and services to drive increases in more sales, leads, and brand awareness. On the other hand, affiliates are paid 5 % commission on sales and can sell digital and real- world products.

Payments are made out daily. PeerFly Cash Flow, is one of a kind that allows the affiliates to request a payment at any time, which will be sent within minutes of the requests. Check and Paypal are other popular means of payment.

What is peerfly and how to earn money with peerfly? 2


Advantages of Peerfly
• Peerfly is the number one leading CPA network model.
• It provides easy and user -friendly website access.
• It has more offers to choose from and they have a forum for their member’s.
• It does not require cost to join Peerfly network.
• Peerfly promotes serious tracking, along with the tools and information such as tracking ideas, to help you.

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