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Google Alternatives: 5 Best alternative search engines

Google Alternatives: 5 Best alternative search engines

Google is an Internet based multinational technology company that comes in number one in terms of search engines. However, there are numerous manipulations related to it. The best alternatives to overcome its flaws include:


The second biggest search engine after Google is Bing, occupying a market share of 19.8%. Being a product of Microsoft, Bing Search Engine powers the Yahoo! Search engine. Bing features the ability for effective calculations, Bing Ads, Products shopping, Bing Events, Bing Finance, Sports scores, Translate, Conversions, Flight tracking, and more. Offering its own mobile applications, Bing is one of the best Google Alternatives.



It is an entirely open-source search engine that has the best feature of maintaining user privacy. As a fast-growing web engine, DuckDuckGo displays personalized results to the end user and avoids keeping track of searches. It aggregates its results from many different sources like Bing, Yandex and other engines.


Yahoo! Search

Partnered with Microsoft, Yahoo! now has become one of the best alternative to google. It provides services like Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Local, Yahoo Weather and Yahoo Finance. It is a news aggregator, a travel directory, a horoscope and games center, a shopping center, an email box, and more. It uses Bing search results for the web engine, and is accessible in 38 international languages. Mozilla Firefox has now officially made Yahoo, its search engine.

yahoo search engine


It is the fourth largest web search engine provided by a Russian-based company. Yandex offers full-fledged features like Images, Videos, Mail, Translate, Market, Money, Maps, Yandex Disk, and more. It operates over 150 Million search queries daily. It is the default Search engine on the Mozilla Firefox browser for users in Russia. Thus, it is easily one of the best alternatives to Google.


A complete question-answer community that provides a wide variety of search queries is It is not a full-blown search engine, rather features a network where a wide variety of questions ranging in different fields of interest like Art & Literature, Science, Education and Politics, Geography, Technology, and Business are answered passably. It is one of the great alternatives to Google in terms of finding human-edited content that is better organized.

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