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Application to Hide Files & folder from search and history

Application to Hide Files & folder from search and history

There are many third- party applications to hide files and folders. if you wish to hide your confidential information on the computer not on the cloud, you have several option as well. if you want to put some secret file or make then hidden into computer or make password to read, edit or erase any of your file and folders then some of these utility might help you.

My Lockbox
It Keep your private files in a password protected folder. Almost any folder on your computer with the help of My Lockbox, you can enable hide, lock and protect it with password. You can only access the hidden folder or the content of the that protected folder only with My Lockbox.

Application to Hide Files & folder from search and history 1


Hide Folders
It is an innovative software application which enables you to password protect all the private information on your hard drive. With the help of Hide Folders, you can protect any number of files and folders on your computer.

Hide Folders


Lock & Hide Folder
It provides a quick and easy way to protect sensitive information on your computer Lock & Hide Folder protect your information from children, employers, and anyone else might access to use your computer including law enforcement and hackers.

Application to Hide Files & folder from search and history 2


WinMend Folder Hidden
It is a free file/folder hiding tool. WinMend Folder Hidden is safe and fast to hide files and folders in local partitions and removable devices. You can set a password for this application. Hidden data can be displayed and unhidden only when the user enters the valid password. once you hide files and folders with WinMend, they would never show up in windows Explorer.

WinMend Folder Hidden


Wise Folder Hider
It is another Free file/folder hidden tool. You can hide your files and folders & Protect your private or important data from unauthorized access and deletion. Wise Folder Hider Hide private files, photos, videos and other personal data from your PC for free. Some of the features of Wise Folder Hider are: Hide USB drives, Multiple layers of password protection, Secure and Convenient to Modify protected files and Context Menu Option & Super User-friendly Interface.

Wise Folder Hider


There are many other third- party applications to hide files and folders, decide which you should use to protect your confidential information on the computer.

I hope you will find this information useful.

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